‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Debuts 3-Minute Trailer at Comic-Con + Premiere Date

While we’ve gotten plenty of teases for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, we’ve yet to get a full-length trailer for the companion series that takes place before and just as the zombie outbreak happens. But we had a feeling they were saving it for Comic-Con.

Fear the Walking Dead debuted a full-length, 3-minute trailer during its Comic-Con panel that gave us a glimpse a pre-zombie apocalyptic world that soon turns into one populated by Walkers unlike those we’ve seen before. But this is happening just as the zombie outbreak begins.

Watch the trailer below:

During the panel, we finally got word of when Fear the Walking Dead will premiere. No longer is it simply “August” it’s now August 23, which means we’re already counting the days for this companion series that’s going to give us our zombie fix before The Walking Dead returns.

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