If you’ve watched Arrow, Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries, or Famous in Love, chances are you’ve glimpsed some of the jewelry that indie designer Peggy Li has crafted. From intricate necklaces to dangling earrings to gorgeous rings, Li has a unique style to her jewelry.

“I’d describe my jewelry as simple and feminine but with a touch of modern edge,” Li said. “I always say the girl wears the jewelry, the jewelry doesn’t wear the girl.”

Li has always loved fashion, which prompted her start in creating jewelry. Being on a budget, she wanted to save money to make the kind of jewelry that she wanted to wear.

“When people on the street and in stores started asking me where I bought my jewelry,” Li said, “I started to think maybe I could do something with all the jewelry I was starting to have pile up.”

So how does one’s passion translate from passion to Hollywood opportunities? Sometimes it’s the passion that leads you to amazing opportunities, as was the case for Li. Li got her start working as a journalist in Los Angeles where her passion for Buffy the Vampire Slayer ignited the start of some amazing opportunities.

“I met with the costume designer, Cynthia Bergstrom, and she was so cool,” Li said. “It was a few weeks later that I thought to myself, I should send my jewelry to her and see what she thinks. I wrote a letter and dropped a few pieces into the mail and forgot about it. Fast forward another few weeks and I get a phone call – it’s a reporter for USA TODAY and she tells me that my jewelry will be on Buffy, and she’d like to know where people can purchase my jewelry. I told the reporter I had a website and after hanging up the phone had to figure out how to build myself a website. That was the start of all of these amazing opportunities and collaborations. It’s been a blast.”

With her jewelry appearing on everything from CW shows, like Arrow and The Vampire Diaries, to How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal, Li calls seeing her pieces on screen “surreal.”

“I can remember making every piece and then to see it worn on TV or film is so cool,” she said. “It’s a little bit of that Hollywood magic where something you know is real somehow becomes imaginary and captured forever on film.”

Peggy is the perfect example of how one can turn a passion into business. Her advice for those eager to break into the business? Simply: START.

Don’t be afraid to put one step in front of the other, there are many paths to success,” Li said. “Have long term goals but also learn the foundations of running a business and whatever your craft may be. Never stop learning.”

Here are some examples of where her jewelry has been featured on television:



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The Bachelorette


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The Vampire Diaries


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Jane the Virgin


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Hart of Dixie


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Famous In Love


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