Feeling Nostalgic? Spotify Has You Covered


I love music. I know that is such an obvious statement. You might think “Brit, doesn’t everyone love music?”. Well I’m here to tell you I’ve met people who have told me “Yeah, I don’t really listen to music”. Beware of these people. They are hiding something.

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Blend music with nostalgia and I am silly putty in your hands which is why I was pumped when I learned Spotify has launched a new feature that “aims to take you back to your teenage years.

By pressing a button, Spotify creates a personalized playlist of 30 songs; about two hours for your listening pleasure. The feature is available to Spotify users who are over 16 years old. Sorry you youngins but you need more time to really experience nostalgia!

How does it do it? I’m not sure, I’m sure there is some scientific algorithm but I don’t think much into that – I just press a button and I am given a personalized playlist that is scary accurate. Like, I’m transported back to the early 2000s wanting to wear my Converses and studded belts and write in my LiveJournal. I am suddenly flooded with memories of first concerts and first crushes. Late summer nights at the beach with friends. Driving to school in the morning blasting music way too loud for early morning hours and singing way too loud. Not to mention all these songs were burned on blank CDs, lovingly curated by me and kept in an aggressively large CD book on the floor of my car.

Ah, memories. Try the feature for yourself and be transported back in time.

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