The Fictional Characters We Want As Our Valentine

It’s Valentines day.

I don’t know about you, but as you read this, I am probably sitting here hate eating chocolate and watching reruns of The Originals or The Royals and wishing that I could find an Elijah or Jasper. That’s the thing – fictional boyfriend/girlfriends are so much easier.

Sure, they are damaged, but there is some sort of beauty to their damage. There is just a beauty to their madness, disfunction, and insanity. What can I say – I like a bad boy. But part of the beauty of the fictional TV/Book/Movie boyfriend/girlfriend is somehow they have redemption. You just see it in them.

Real boyfriends are sometimes pains in the ass.

So we’re talking our fictional boyfriends and why love them.

Who’s your fictional boyfriend/girlfriend?

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