The Final ‘Defenders’ Trailer Drops Hard

Less than a week away from the premier of the first season of The Defenders the final trailer has dropped. One final look at what we all are impatiently waiting for. It’s chock full of witty banter, kick ass music and of course kicking ass.


I geeked out that we got a little longer look at this season in the Chinese food restaurant. If we get more of snarky Luke Cage Vs. oblivious puppy dog Danny Rand sign me up!

I just love the way this whole trailer is inter-cut with the music. It adds to the entire atmosphere of this series. It’s just like having the humour cut through the tense action scenes. If we wanted nothing more than fighting we could watch any action series. But if you want snark and sass thrown in The Defenders is for you.

We get a better look at Alexandra, the leader of the Hand. The puppet master behind much of the up front and behind the scene action between all four characters. One way or another it always seems to come back to them. An evil that all our heroes can get behind and work against.

We get some amazing scenes of each of The Defenders in their element; Luke being shot up while shielding someone, Danny using his Iron Fist to shatter Elektra’s sword, Jessica throwing guys around and lamenting her lack of Karate skills and Matt using his famous billy clubs to choke a bad guy.


(source: Tumblr)

In the end this reluctant team will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend New York against the plague that is the Hand. And we will enjoy watching it from start to finish.

Which part of the trailer has you most hyped for this season?

The first season of The Defenders streams worldwide on Netflix August 18, 2017.

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