First Look At The ‘Prison Break’ Premiere

Prison BreakOMG it’s happening, Prison Break is finally here, it’s back!

The moment we’ve all being waiting for, well wait no more. The wait is over as tonight Michael and Lincoln are breaking out of prison again. But this time the brothers aren’t just breaking out of prison, now they also have to escape a nation.

Ahead of tonight’s premiere, Fox has released some sneak peeks and promo’s and this reunion show is looking good, hell it’s looking amazing.  Michael’s got some new ink, and this time Lincoln’s the one doing the saving. But some things never change, Lincolns falling back into his old ways and Michael’s still leaving clues behind.

Get your first look at the premiere with the sneak peeks and promos below.


Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox

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