Five Life Lessons From the New Mockingjay Trailer

As many of you know a brand new extended trailer for the highly anticipated finale to The Hunger Games has been released and its definitely giving me the feels. We here at Fangirlish are excited for the final installment of the saga, but we’re also a little scared. How do we say goodbye to something that we love so much?

But like every movie trailer there is something to be learned. Here’s what Mockingjay Part 2 had to teach us!

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.


If Katniss wasn’t paying attention to Snow’s every move, how would she ever be able to outsmart him? Half the battle is knowing what your enemies are up to. The other is knowing whose going to be on your side. This advice can be true in The Hunger Games, but also in real life. We must always be aware of what is going on around us.

Always fight for what you believe in


Whether it’s equal rights or eradicating school lunch (or at least making it taste better) go for it!! Be the Katniss of your cause. Life is better when you are being more adventurous.

We are better together!


Evil can’t be fought by just one person it takes an army. Enough said.

The dead are never forgotten.

Cue the tears, I know I’m going to sobbing when Philip Seymour Hoffman graces the screen for the last time in this epic finale. The truth is we never forget the people that affect us, that change us, that make us strive to be better people. We love the possibilities, because they gave us the courage to find who we can be.


Love trumps evil!

Whether its Annie and Finnick or Katniss and Peeta (Sorry Gale shippers but this is just like Twilight Edward/Peeta will always win) we know that love will always trump any evil in the world. You just have to believe it because the thing is – you have to believe in love to let it change you.

Shit happens in the world. It’s a matter of how you make it through! And trust – love will get you there.



You can watch this epic trailer below:



Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.