Five Life Lessons From the ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer

Now that Star Wars hype has died down it’s time to talk about our second favorite sci-fi franchise. The Star Trek: Beyond trailer has debuted, and I don’t know about you but I’m BEYOND excited (see what I did there). This summer we will see the return of our favorite Star Trek characters as they embark on a new adventure. The movie, which coincides with Trek’s 50th anniversary, is sure to be a thriller that excites Trekkies and newcomers, alike. So in honor of the trailers release I have found five life lessons you can take from it.

1. Your Friends Will Always Be There For You

Even when the crew of the Enterprise loses their ship and half of the crew they know that they still have each other. Even though they are separated on a foreign planet, facing an unknown creature they know that there will always be a friend there for them. After all working as a team is always better than working on your own. Even in your darkest times, there will always be people that are willing to help you along.


2. Sometimes You’ll Be On Your Own

Okay, so maybe my first point wasn’t entirely true but there has to be some good reason that Spock ditches Bones on the planet. It’s important to note that while your friends want to always be there for you, sometimes, they can’t make it. Just like you, they get busy or life gets in the ways of their plans. Just remember  that they are always there in spirit.


3. There’s Always Going to Be A Bad Guy

There’s always going to be some sort of bad guy in your life. Whether it be a bad boss or an alien that wants to take over Earth. At some point or another, you’re going to have to channel your inner Captain Kirk and stand up for what you believe in. So next time somebody tries to get you down remember that like Captain Kirk you can do anything.


4. There’s Also Going to Be REALLY Good Guys

Just like bad guy’s there’s always going to be a good guy on your side. No matter how bad you think it is there’s always going to be a Captain Kirk or Spock to help you through it. Captain Kirk would never survive if it wasn’t for his amazing crew and the friends that have helped him along the way.


5. But You’ll Always Find Your Way Home

The Enterprise may seem to be dead and gone but I know for a fact that the crew will find a way to bring it home. Even when you feel completely lost, like nothing could go right you will eventually find your way home. If the crew of the Enterprise can be stuck on a completely different planet with no ship, you can get through this!


You can watch the epic trailer below:

Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.