Flashpoint is Coming to the DCEU and We Have Theories

Fans of the Flash know how important Flashpoint is to the DC universe and now with the DCEU tackling it, we have theories about what could happen.

For those who don’t know what Flashpoint is, it is basically one of the greatest Flash stories. Everything changes and, if the DC Extended Universe is smart, they can use it to reset storylines, recast characters and, better yet, bring characters back from the dead.

So while there was an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that Flashpoint was coming, we don’t know when or who will be involved. Just that it is eventually coming to the DCEU along with a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie.

So here’s my theory: They’ll use Flashpoint to recast (if needed) as well as bring back Steve Trevor from the dead. And now before you brush me off, hear me out. Chris Pine is signed on for more than one movies and that doesn’t mean flashbacks. They can use whatever footage from Wonder Woman they want without him, technically, being in the movie

So why sign a multiple movie deal if he’s not in it? And with rumors that Wonder Woman 2 will be set during the Cold War with Chris Pine returning, it makes no sense that he’d come back since in modern day time, Diana seems to have not seen him for the last 100 years.

Flashpoint reset

But if Flashpoint resets things, if the Flash changes points in history, then we could feasibly get Diana Prince and Steve Trevor taking on Russia without it being completely out of place in the normal timeline. Plus Flashpoint, done correctly, can continue to show us what the DCEU is capable of.

But all of this rides on the success of Justice League. Wonder Woman is kicking ass at the box office but we always knew she would. Now it’s up to the rest of the League to continue to grow the DCEU and make it into the world we want it to be.

So are you excited about Flashpoint? Do you have theories? Let me know because at this rate, we have quite a while before we see the movie.

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