‘The Fosters’ 4×14 Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

“Doors and Windows” contains so many unfortunate moments that I thought it would be fun to narrow them down. It’s not that I actually want to relive all these sad moments. But for the show, it might help for us fans to push through them and see our beloved Adams-Fosters get to the other side somewhat okay.
5. Jesus’ Explosive Physical Therapy Sessions – Not only is our poor dude pushing to get through his physical therapy, he keeps barking “shut up” and “get lost,” not only to Lena but Brandon. I think that first session with his therapist showing him flash cards was the first strike. It’s gotta be hard being the middle child, but it’s gotta be even harder to be the broken middle child. Not to mention, his suspicions of Emma and Brandon always together are starting to weigh on his head. Even though we know there’s nothing going on between them, Jesus doesn’t know any better. Also, his reading has gone from bad to worse; he can barely read his get well cards, and it’s heartbreaking seeing him cry, helplessly in pain.
“I think you already know.”
4. Emma and Brandon? – Speaking of Emma and Brandon, his curiosity gets the best of him when he finds her crying in Mariana’s room. Emma finally admits that she’s pregnant! She has no plans to be a teenage mother, but she swears Brandon to secrecy, even from Mariana. Brandon tries to help her tell someone else, but no dice. The both of them are keeping this secret. And to make things worse, Jesus has no idea. Emma is unsure if he should know, given his circumstances. Personally, I think he has a right to know, but when? And how?

Looks like Callie’s senior project is coming together! ?
3. Callie “Nancy Drew” Adams-Foster – As for our darling, special girl, she’s still having a hard time understanding ‘what leave it to the police’ means. Since her case is more of a “he said/she said”, Stef, Lena and Robert agree to pay off the $300,000 bill and drop the charges. Of course, Callie is pissed about this. She didn’t break the law, so why should Troy get off? She thinks she can prove that Troy did murder his grandmother, but Stef, for all that is holy in the world, has to brace herself and tell her daughter to leave this case alone. Callie puts all of her frustration into a new senior project, a solid cell of wooden walls, much like the one in juvie, with the help of Aaron and AJ, sort of. But the most bizarre moment is when Aaron and Callie are alone in the box of misery, and they have a heart-to-heart that turns into an almost-kiss. Callie pulls away, thank you GOD, but I just pray that nothing more happens between them. The girl needs a friend, not a side piece.
Yes. You. Are. ?
2. Mariana Back in Therapy – Our other darling, special girl Mari is back to getting help for her PTSD from the school shooting. And guys, it’s intense watching her deep, brown eyes go back and forth as a doctor waves a pen in her face. It’s astounding to hear her descriptions of how scared, helpless and confused she’d felt when Nick had held a gun to her head. However, it was so good to see her take her power back from the moms about this open-door situation.
1. Stef Got the Promotion! – Well, actually she accepted it because it was a choice between more money and a better position, or lose her job completely. That damned Detective Grey is still on Stef’s tail, but at least she can fight back from the inside now.
What were some of your most memorable moments from “Doors and Windows”? Leave comments below.
Also, check out the promo video for next episode, “Sex Ed”:
Emma turns to Brandon for support while Jude heads down a dangerous path, on all-new episode of “The Fosters,” airing Tuesday, February 28th, on Freeform. In “Sex Ed,” Brandon supports Emma through a difficult situation, which makes Jesus suspicious about their friendship. When Jude learns that LGBT sex is not covered in his school’s sex education class, he tries to gain knowledge through a dating app for adults, putting himself in a potentially dangerous situation. Callie uses her foster care experiences to create a provocative and poignant art installation as her senior project, but the school administration asks her to remove it before the school Open House.

Freeform’s ‘The Fosters’ airs Mondays at 8/7c.

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