THE FOSTERS 4×18 Review: Top 5 Moments from “Dirty Laundry”

The Fosters always manages to sway our emotions one way or another, especially when it comes to acceptance in the LGBT community. I mean hello, two of the main characters are lesbian mothers who would do anything for their children. Also, we have Callie who is always welcome to the community with open arms. It’s happened before with her little friend Cole in season one. But now it’s happening even more with Aaron. Their budding romance could work wonders, both on and off the show. Here are some top moments from “Dirty Laundry”.
5. Meet the Parents – Callie takes a road trip to L.A. with Aaron when she discovers Vanessa’s ex-husband lives there. She thinks that since Vanessa is Troy’s current girlfriend and the only alibi, they can prove Vanessa and Troy had an affair during the murder time. If it all works out, then the alibi will be ruined. It’s all a big blur and not really important anymore, in my opinion. But the best part is when Aaron asks Callie to come to L.A. anyway to celebrate his father’s birthday.
The trip, however, turns less about this long trial and more about Aaron’s family issues. Even though his family is grateful to have him come home, you can cut the tension with a knife. First, Aaron’s mother deadnames him with his former name, Allison, the minute he steps in the house. I’ve been informed that deadnaming is one of the most hurtful things you can do to a transgender person. It’s like ignoring or avoiding who they really are. Another thing is Callie seeing Aaron’s baby pictures only from before he transitioned.
4. He is Your Son! – The worst of it is when they celebrate Aaron’s dad’s birthday party around the dinner. Aaron shows his younger brother his new tattoo on his wrist, and his father makes a nasty, snide comment: “Haven’t you mutilated yourself enough?” That hurt. That really, really hurt, not only me as a fan to watch, but it hurt Aaron even more. To hear that from someone who is supposed to love and support you in mostly anything, Aaron’s dad is the absolute worst. Callie, always the superhero, stands up for her friend in the best way though.

“And he loves you. A lot.”
3. Mother Knows Best? – She also has a late night chat with Aaron’s mother. Aaron’s mom wants badly to understand, but it feels like mourning who “Allison” was. She’d had so many plans for “Allison”, and how she would have been as a parent, with “her” future children. Callie breaks it down for her, that Aaron is still the same person “Allison” was, he’s just fully himself now. On one hand, I understand how Aaron’s mom feels; the disappointment, the mourning of a daughter. But on another hand, it isn’t about her — this is about Aaron, his happiness, and his life. It was interesting to see a piece of how she feels.
Getting steamy…
2. THAT Kiss!! – The most groundbreaking moment is when Callie apologizes to Aaron for intruding in his family business, and they kiss!! Like, for real this time. Since AJ is officially out of the picture, it seems timely that Aaron and Callie would get together, or at least hook up. The kiss is a small moment that means so much, not only for Fosters fans, but for the LGBT community. This one moment could spread some hope that they too can live normal lives — date, fall in love, kiss a straight, cisgender human being and be reciprocated. That there is a light at the end of the tunnel despite all the mess they see in media, in regards to their community.
Picture perfect.
1. Picture Perfect – Callie becomes best almost-girlfriend of the year when she wakes up early with coffee and donuts, and a new photo of Aaron to add to the family fireplace. Aaron is so overjoyed with helping his family slowly accept his whole self, he kisses her in the car, on the way back home! Before, his stumbling and fumbling of asking if last night’s kiss was “a road trip thing”, but Callie reassures that it definitely was not. It’s super sweet, and a nice way to end their road trip together.
NOT a road trip thing. ?
Sidenote on Vanessa’s ex-husband: Aaron discovers that she and Troy were having an affair. Even better, Vanessa was borderline obsessed with Troy. Looks like another clue in this never-ending trial case.
What were some of your favorite moments from “Dirty Laundry”? Leave comments below.
Also, check out the promo video for next episode, “Who Knows”:

Everyone seems to be hiding something, but the secrets come spilling out, on an all-new episode of “The Fosters,” airing Tuesday, April 4th, on Freeform. It seems just about everyone in the Adams Foster household has a secret, but unfortunately for each of them, they all start spilling out. With Callie’s court date inching closer, Robert’s attorneys present a defense strategy that Callie vehemently opposes. Monte and Lena join forces to stop Drew’s underhanded dealings. Stef works to bust Diamond’s pimp. Jesus asks Gabe to keep a secret from his moms.
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