‘The Fosters’ 5×06 “Chasing Waterfalls” Recap: Top 5 Moments

In last week’s Welcome to the Jungler, there were a lot of revolutionary, eye-opening moments. Mariana and Callie made up after their little fight they’d had over the disaster party. Their friend Ximena tag teamed with them to prove to Lena why it was important for Mariana to stay in the roller derby team. Callie and Aaron got into political issues with the campus protest leaders, which got them both into a crossroads with each other later on. But she soon realized how far these protesters were willing to go to be heard. Callie wasn’t ready for that kind of revolution after all that she’s been through. Jude returned from whatever hole he’d been under, the video game hole with Noah and Taylor. His run-in with misogynistic, homophobic trolls made him possibly the coolest young kid in the family. The most surprising moment was when Jesus proposed to Emma…sort of!

In this week’s “Chasing Waterfalls”, deals with more family drama than usual. Lena’s parents, Dana and Stewart, stop by for a visit. Stuart’s mind starts going in places that lay concerns for both Lena and Dana. Also, the mamas work together to try to get Stuart’s name off the title of the house. But as much as Stuart’s health is going down, he still knows how to share the love for both Lena and Stef. Meanwhile, Callie and Aaron are finally ready to step up in their relationship, both physically and mentally. The whole experience empowers Callie to stand up for her and her art. In other news, Mariana is in deep shit when it comes to hot neighbor Logan’s girlfriend! Let’s dive on in to the top five moments in this episode.

5. Father Knows Best – It’s always great seeing Dana and Stuart visit the Adams-Foster family, but this visit was particularly focused on Stuart. Between forgetting the name for asparagus at dinner, and buying the family a brand-new car they can’t afford, it raises concern for everyone. At first, Stuart thinks he can afford the new car with the bonus coming up, but Dana reminds him of his retirement. Seeing both Lena and Dana’s faces when they realize their beloved father and husband is showing signs of dementia is heartbreaking. Especially since I lost a close family member to dementia (RIP, Grandpa), it brought me back to that dark place.


4. Stuart + Stef – However, Stuart still leaves room to spread love to both Stef and Lena. First with Stef when he hears how her father had caught her and Tess cuddling in the house when they were teens. Her father had sent her to church basically to pray the gay away, it obviously didn’t work. But the event really hurt Stef, even years after her father’s death. But Stuart, ever the sweetheart, apologizes to Stef for all she had to go through.

3. Stuart + Lena – Stuart also has a heart to heart with his daughter, Lena. When she came out, he had told her “I still love you”, which he now feels like he shouldn’t have said. He wishes he should have told her how proud he is of her, and shared his excitement for whoever she chose to share her life with. It’s all so touching and sweet, thus making it harder for her to realize how bad her father’s health will most likely get later on. She thanks him for being such a great dad. If this doesn’t make you want to call up your dad too, I don’t know what will!

2. Callie + Aaron – As I’ve said before, Callie and Aaron are finally ready to step up in their relationship, both physically and mentally. But the events that happen before that make me think of Callie even more. During her self-portrait presentation, some students are questioning her talents, as well as her reasoning. They think that having others take her photos of her is considered cheating, that there is a reason to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera as well as behind it. One student even goes so far as to say that she doesn’t know who she is, considering the photo. (I’d had to roll my eyes so far behind my head. Who does this kid think he is?)

The whole altercation makes Callie second guess herself and her art, so the best way to let it all out is a hike with Aaron. What if those kids are right? What if there is no talent for her? What if she doesn’t know herself well enough to be an artist? I love Aaron so much, not only is he super hot, but he’s also so patient and understanding. He tells her that he thinks she is confident, but she just has to believe in herself and drown out the haters. It takes a pep-talk under a beautiful waterfall to make her realize how good Aaron is for her, enough to go all the way. And it’s a big deal for a transgender character and a cisgender character to be ready, in love, take that step and not have it look exploitive and cheesy. It just looks so natural, like it was meant to happen in the right time.

This gives Callie the confidence boost to defend herself and her art back at school. Since she grew up in the foster care system, she’s had a lot of different identities. While she doesn’t know who she is in this moment, that’s why this self portrait taken by others is so important. For her to see what they see in her, and hopefully see it in herself. Brava!!

1. Mariana, What Did You Do?! – Mariana just keeps trying it with this hot next door neighbor Logan and his long-distance girlfriend Olivia. Not only does she try to mend things between the two when Olivia gets mad at him for the disaster party. She uses the “just friends” tactic claiming to be nice, but we all know it’s too get in his pants. And so does Olivia; she texts Mariana an Instagram message her thanks, but then threatens her in the next one! The worst part is they are all going to prom together….as friends! The tea will be spilt next week, and I am so here for it.

What were some of your favorite moments from “Chasing Waterfalls”? Leave comments below. Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Engaged”, airing Tuesday, August 29.

Synopsis: Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed. Mariana and Jude try to convince the students to vote against their school going private.

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