‘The Fosters’ 5×06 “Welcome to the Jungler” Recap: Top 5 Eye-Opening Moments

In last week’s Fosters, there was a party, but no one really had fun. In “Telling”, Lena had a major breakdown dealing with Jesus’ TBI and anger issues. Mariana played Captain Try-Hard when it comes to their next door neighbor’s son, Logan, only when a realization literally blew up in her face. Stef and Cole tried to help a trans teen dealing with suicide sex, but Stef avoiding her issues at home with wine didn’t help. As for Brandon, him basically hiding Cortney and Mason in Gabe’s garage apartment came to a halt, and Grace didn’t look too happy.

In this week’s “Welcome to the Jungler”, there were a lot of revolutionary, eye-opening moments. Mariana and Callie make up after their little fight they’d had over the disaster party. Their friend Ximena tag teams with them to prove to Lena why it’s important for Mariana to stay in the roller derby team. Callie and Aaron get into political issues with the campus protest leaders, which gets them both into a crossroads with each other later on. But she soon realizes how far these protesters are willing to go to be heard. Is Callie ready for that kind of revolution after all that she’s been through? Jude returns from whatever hole he’s been under, apparently the video game hole with Noah and Taylor. His run-in with misogynistic, homophobic trolls makes him possibly the coolest young kid in the family. The most surprising moment is when Jesus proposes to Emma…sort of!

5. Sisterly Love – Callie and Mariana get that sister love when Callie apologizes for confronting her sis for lying to everyone about the roller derby party. Mariana accepts her apology, but then Callie goes in on her for forging Lena’s signature on the permission slip. (Does Callie not know how apologies work?) But, Mariana has basically been isolated at school, and with the drama at home, there’s no one else to turn to. So roller derby is her only chance to fully be herself and know herself. But after what had happened with Jesus and his TBI, they can’t afford to lose another child due to injury.

4. Go, Scariana! – However, their new friend Ximena found out about the permission slip due to Callie spilling the beans. At first, Ximena is concerned, but she works with the sisters to try to convince Lena for her to stay. Ximena explains that roller derby is all about building confidence, making friends, and she sees a difference in Mariana in a short period of time. Mariana also adds that she’s never had a group of friends that look like her, fierce Latinas! Lena promises to talk about it with Stef, but her opinion can’t be changed…for now. Hopefully, they’ll let her stay on the team, because it’s so badass to see our little Mariana kick some shin!!

3. Stand and Deliver – Speaking of Callie, she and Aaron go head to head a little bit when dealing with social protesters on the art school campus. Aaron joins a meeting about the anti-immigration event, and he doesn’t agree with a lot of their views. When group leader Sean and Ximena ask why he’s pro-hate-speech, Aaron explains that while he’s not pro-hate-speech, he does stand for people being able to express themselves maturely. Aaron believe that the best way to have conversations is to let both sides say their peace and discuss that way. Both Ximena and Sean think Aaron’s showing his white male privilege. Callie looks like she so wanted to tell them off and out her man as trans, but she keeps quiet.

Back at home though, things get intense when Callie makes a mistake, saying how easy it is for Aaron to fight for causes and hide his struggles. Aaron gets offended, because as much as free speech is important to him, he can’t just release private medical information. It doesn’t mean he’s hiding if he doesn’t want to release that personal information. This is an example of why he favors unbiased discussion over civil disobedience; people make assumptions without knowing the whole story. He warns Callie to be careful, considering that there may come to a time where they might have to resort to unsafe measures for “civil rights”. (And she should be careful; she just got arrested for being involved in a hit-and-run, and was involved in a sex trafficking case. She really doesn’t need more legal drama on her record right now.) Callie feels like Aaron is patronizing her for her beliefs, and she’s not here for it.

This whole conversation is very interesting, because I still feel like this is a newer step into Aaron as a transgender character. We knew about his family last season, so now it’s good to dig deeper into politics. And even though this is a campus issue, there are people who deal with this in the real world somewhere. And I’m proud of Callie for not backing down and standing for her beliefs, as well.

However, it turns out that Aaron was right about the social group’s standards. Callie goes to a follow-up meeting, and she sees that they are willing to do by any means necessary. Which could mean arresting for a cause. I hope Callie isn’t ready for that kind of social change; she’s just starting to get her life back on track.

2. Haters Gonna Hate – Jude has his share of getting hit with internet trolls. Even after Noah made that deal for Jude to chill with the video games, Jude is still playing around with Taylor. They show him a YouTube gamer who records his play sessions, but he shouts out homophobic and sexist comments during the games. Jude and Taylor try to ignore the rudeness, but Noah plants a good idea. They record their own sessions, shading the Youtuber, and the comments sections blast off from the Youtuber’s fans! This is a good lesson as to not read the comments section, like ever!!

When Noah had first come out, he was also faced with similar internet hate, which is why he hates the internet right back. He deletes the video from YouTube, but Jude thinks that’s giving into the pressure. Jude and Taylor make a new video, with a new username: GirlandGayGuy. The comments section is much nicer, and more accepting, which is always awesome. Go, Jude!!

1. She Said Yes…Or Did She? – It looks like Jesus is ready to take the next step in his relationship with Emma. At first, he’d made a makeshift wooden promise ring for her, but essentially wants to turn it into an engagement ring. The whole ordeal is super cute, and super sweet!! And Emma would have said yes, only if Jesus wasn’t planning to drop out of school and get his GED. Education is very important to her, and she wont spend her life with someone who doesn’t understand that. So the “proposal” is on hold, at least for Jesus, until he’s fully ready to commit to high school. But Lena’s jaw dropped when Jesus told her the news, and I gagged! They’re so young, with so many lives to lead. Marriage shouldn’t be on the agenda, at least not yet, but dammit if that proposal wasn’t adorable!!

What were some of your favorite moments from “Welcome to the Jungler”? Leave comments below. Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Chasing Waterfalls”, airing Tuesday, August 22.

Synopsis: Lena’s parents are back in town for a visit, while Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before. Mariana tries to get closer to Logan, but it backfires when his girlfriend catches wind of it.)

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