‘The Fosters’ 5×07 “Engaged” Recap: Top 5 Moments

In last week’s “Chasing Waterfalls”, dealt with more family drama than usual. Lena’s parents, Dana and Stewart, stopped by for a visit. Stuart’s mind started going in places that laid concerns for both Lena and Dana. Also, the mamas worked together to try to get Stuart’s name off the title of the house. But as much as Stuart’s health was going down, he still knew how to share his love for both Lena and Stef. Meanwhile, Callie and Aaron were finally ready to step up in their relationship, both physically and mentally. The whole experience empowered Callie to stand up for her and her art. In other news, Mariana was in deep shit when it comes to hot neighbor Logan’s girlfriend!

In this week’s “Engaged”, there’s a party going on! Mike and Ana’s engagement party, that is. But in true Fosters fashion, they can’t have a proper party without involving drama. Not only is Jesus relentlessly trying to get his birth parents back together, but Gabe is starting to take his foolish advice. A grown man taking the advice of a 16 year old high school dropout?! Please. In other news, Ana’s parents visit the party and have a few choice words for their former son-in-law. But it’s not all bad news at this shindig. Jesus and Emma are still “engaged”….sort of. Jesus is so excited for the family to accept their upcoming nuptials. But Emma isn’t so sure, and neither are the mamas. It all comes to a head when an explosive breakup arises, bringing two girls together again. After the party ends, Gabe leaves quite a surprise for Jesus. Meanwhile, when everyone else is at the party, AJ competes with Callie for the art school program. But instead of making life harder for Callie, he offers to stand by her during the campus protest. It all happens in the penultimate episode before the summer finale next week!

5. The Parent Trap – Even though Jesus knows damn well that Ana and Mike are getting married and this is their party, and yet he makes a plan to get his birth ‘rents back together. Gabe even knows Jesus’ plan to just tell Ana how he feels about her is stupid because he waited too long. He knows this plan is ridiculous, but throughout the night, he reconsiders how he could get Ana back in some way. After mostly everyone leaves, Gabe finally gets her alone. I’m not going to lie, I prayed and hoped that Ana wouldn’t go back to Gabe. As much as it is sweet that Jesus wants his birth parents back together, why didn’t he think of Mariana? Would she be ok with this parent trap? And what about Mike?! Mike has been through too much not to be happy. However, even though Gabe has no idea how long Ana had been waiting for him to come back, it’s too late. She’s already in love with Mike and can’t wait to marry him. Thank God!! I was not ready for another breakup between Mike and Ana, and they look so happy together, so I’m happy that Ana rejected Gabe one last time.

4. Not So Bad After All – As much as it was satisfying to see Ana reject Gabe, it was nice to see her parents reconsider him as a friend. When they get a good look at him taking a family photo with the twins and Ana, they think about their history. Ana’s mother asks out loud if they had made a mistake splitting her and Gabe up. They even apologize to Gabe for putting him in prison, which I thought was pretty sweet.

3. Make Up to Breakup – Speaking of Jesus, things just go from bad to worse for this dude. He’s so excited to share his and Emma’s “engagement”, but she looks uneasy about the whole thing. When she comes to the party without her makeshift wooden ring, he makes her wear it. During toasts, he makes a snide comment about their own future engagement plans. It freaks poor Emma out even more, to the point of crying to Lena for advice. Both Stef and Lena advise Emma to tell the truth; she’s not ready to get married so young. She really wants him to get better and recover, but Lena assures her that his recovery is not Emma’s responsibility. When Emma finally tells Jesus the truth, his reaction is scary. Jesus assumes she’s breaking up with him, but Emma just wants them to slow down. He takes it a step further by screaming at her, “If you don’t want me forever, then I don’t want you at all!” WOOW Jesus, I know you’re going through a lot, but come on, dude. The bright side to all of this mess is, at least Mariana and Emma can finally patch things up. They can go back to being the good friends they were before.

2. Goodbye – With all of this drama coming ahead for Jesus, he goes into Gabe’s garage apartment, only to find his possessions gone and an apology note on the bed. It seems like Ana’s rejection and the treehouse project ending was all too much for Gabe to take. It’s sad, but I’m mostly heartbroken for Jesus. He’s now lost his girl, his dad, and his senior project. What will he do now?

1. Say it Loud. Say it Clear. – A.J. returns again during Callie’s art school interview (he’s applying to the same program. They don’t have any other art schools in this town?). Callie’s counselor suggested pursuing a more stable degree like social work or psychology, but A.J. says otherwise. He assures her that art, in its purest form, is both powerful and can change the world. He even shows up as an ally against hate speech during the campus protest. Aaron, however, doesn’t look too happy about the whole thing. Not to mention, he’s leaving for an internship in New York soon, so I wonder how this will all work out.

What were some of your favorite moments from “Engaged”? Leave comments below. Also, see the official promo for the summer finale, “Prom”, airing tonight, Tuesday, September 5.

Synopsis: In the summer finale, it’s prom night at Anchor Beach. Grace’s mom has a candid conversation with Brandon, meanwhile Ximena faces a life-altering decision when ICE agents show up at prom.

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