‘The Fosters’ 5×10 “Sanctuary” Review: Top 5 Questions

Since hearing that The Fosters will be ending after this second half of season 5, it will be harder to watch every episode until the 3-part finale in the upcoming weeks. We know that not everything lasts forever, but if other shows can last 5-10 seasons, why can’t this one? Why must the good die young?! But as a positive, it will make us analyze each episode in 5B even more, to figure out how they will tie everything together in 10 episodes. Even with the Callie-Mariana spinoff in the works right after, it still is troubling to know that our Adams-Foster fam will come to a close soon.

However, the season 5B premiere of The Fosters aired this past Tuesday, and we have a lot of questions! Some to do with Ximena’s DACA situation with Callie and AJ, and others to do with Brandon, Grace and Jude back home. Let’s talk about “Sanctuary”!

Everyone needs a Callie in their lives.

5. How will Callie and AJ get Ximena out of this?!
We pick up right where we left off last season’s finale, still after prom in the church with Ximena, Callie and AJ. Stef thinks it’s completely unfair for ICE to try to scalp Ximena – she has her DACA status but the cops let her know it’s expired. Stef orders Callie and AJ stay in the church for sanctuary, as Poppy needs to be taken in for Child Protective Services too. There’s no rollover when you reapply for documentation, so when it expired, so did Ximena’s DACA status. Callie has to learn to trust Stef’s policewoman skills and know that things will be okay. Callie brilliantly starts a Facebook Live to share Ximena’s story; that she didn’t do anything wrong. She prompts viewers to share the video to create some steam over their story.

You’re not alone Ximena.

4. How does religion and spirituality play into the government and family?
While the kids are claiming sanctuary in the church, Pastor helps them stay overnight; ICE might not get to arrest Ximena, but they could call the FBI to get a warrant to arrest Callie and AJ. An interesting moment between Pastor and Ximena was when Ximena says, “I don’t pray to a God that allows my family to get torn apart.” Pastor explains, “I don’t pray to that God either. I don’t think God decides who wins at football game or the Grammys. I believe in Emmanuel, which literally means ‘God with us’. And God is with you always, in things big and small. And the strength you have to keep going, in other people.” The talk makes the battle of religion vs. spirituality vs. family plays into part very nicely.

Ummm, did we hear that correctly??

3. AJ + Callie =???
Also while the kids are holding out in the church, Callie and AJ have a heart-to-heart about Aaron’s fight from prom. AJ asks what had sparked the fight between Callie and her boyfriend, and Callie responds, “You. It’s always you.” But then the kicker of the conversation happens when AJ basically admits he’s still not over Callie, and he’s not sure he wants to be. What does this mean?! Well, for now, nothing, because when they get back home, Callie and Aaron decide to stay friends…for now. So if “Caaron” is done (for now), does that mean there’s more room for AJ? We’ll see!

This melted our hearts.

2. How is Callie’s phone not dead?!
This is more of a random question, but how on Earth did Callie’s phone not die throughout that whole episode? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember seeing Callie charge her phone in anyway since prom ended for them. How did she save enough battery to film the Facebook Live video, and footage of the ICE and FBI outside the church. Also, when she was Facetiming Ximena back home, why couldn’t Lena and Stef foster both Poppy and Ximena? How long is Ximena still going to stay in the church for sanctuary?

“But it doesn’t” ???

1. Will Grace survive gene therapy?
Grace and Brandon have come to a crossroads as cancer strains their relationship. They come back home after prom, with Grace burning up from a 102-degree fever. Brandon calls Grace’s mother to come check on her, and that’s when Grace finds out that B knows about her cancer.
Grace gets upset, but later on in the hospital explains her insecurities. Grace didn’t tell him because she didn’t want to ruin what they had. There wasn’t a time that she wasn’t looked at as “the sick girl”, and B didn’t do that. But they both know she needs to go home, especially for this gene therapy, so who knows what will happen now? It’s a shame how Brandon finally has a good thing going on, and cancer has wrung its ugly head.

Straight to the point.

*Honorary Question: How will Mariana respond to Nick?*
Mariana finally realizes that the mystery text from prom is from Nick. She lets Emma know, who warns her to not get back into it with someone who caused her family so much pain and drama. However because Mariana is ~Mariana~, she insists that Nick won’t hurt her and the family again, and he has the details on how to save Anchor Beach Charter. Mariana texts him back anyway, and I’m shaking my head, rolling my eyes once again.

So many questions, so little time, and only the second half of season five to answer them.

What questions did you have while watching The Fosters winter premiere, “Sanctuary”? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Invisible”, airing Tuesday, January 16.

Synopsis: Callie actively helps to make Ximena’s fight visible. Meanwhile, Brandon and Grace struggle to be intimate knowing her diagnosis and Mariana is suddenly courted by multiple suitors.

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