‘The Fosters’ 5×11 “Invisible” Review: Top 5 Moments

The Fosters’ second half of the fifth season continues to be the most interesting yet. Since the drama with Ximena’s DACA situation has been put on hold, Callie is back home with her family, with newcomer Poppy by her side. However, new stressors arise with Aaron. Brandon and Grace work around Grace’s mother interfering in their relationship. Jesus has a new teacher’s aid, but he’s not exactly friendly. On a more comedic side, Mariana now has three guys after her affections: bad-boy-neighbor Logan, prom date Wyatt, and ex-boyfriend Mat. Who will she choose? Let’s discuss the top 5 moments from “Invisible”!

That smile though.

5. Just Friends?

Callie and Aaron agreed to start their relationship over as friends, but it’s proven easier said than done, especially when Aaron is being super-sweet and plans an impromptu picnic on the beach. The struggle gets more real when Callie sees Aaron come home with another girl on the back of his motorcycle. Now clearly it’s nothing more than friendship between them, but Callie was the one who’d wanted to stay friends. Even if Aaron was dating someone else, that’s ok. It’s not cheating. However, Aaron claims that his little girl friend is just that — a friend! The cool part about it is when Callie plans a photography portfolio to apply for a spot in UCSD, thanks to Ximena. I hope that she can finally find a way to navigate her two loves through college: art and social work.

We’ve got your back Jesus.

4. Jesus’ Struggle with New Teachers’ Aid

Jesus returns to school again, with a new teacher’s aid David by his side. Literally by his side all the time, but he’s kind of an ass, so that leaves Jesus very little to work with. The tension between them escalates when Jesus has a freakout one morning and can’t find his locker. David does nothing to help, just shouts at him to get to class. He then coerces Jesus to finish a test alone, even though the teacher had said it was okay to finish the next day. The whole relationship gives an uneasy feeling. How is Jesus supposed to progress as a student when someone like David hovering every minute? Jesus asks Lena for advice, but she merely says to hang in there and listen to David.

Still, since Lena is exceptionally perceptive, she finds a TBI therapy group in town, bringing Jesus and Stef along. At first, Jesus thinks this is a waste of time until one member sharing her experience makes him realize he isn’t alone. She explains that even though she is trying as hard as she can, people still dismiss her as not doing enough, for not being enough. She feels trapped in a world in which she nor her peers can understand. Tears fall from my eyes as they do Jesus’, and he runs outside for some air. His journey has been the most underrated on The Fosters, having his mamas on his side, at least trying to understand his pain.

How should Mariana respond to that?

3. Mariana’s Love Square

In happier news, Mariana has caught herself in the middle of a love square, with three guys pushing for her attention. First is Wyatt from prom. He apologizes to her for being so “strunk”, meaning stoned and drunk, and hands her a gigantic Edibles Arrangement! Bad-boy next-door neighbor Logan is second on the list when he visits to tell Mariana that he and Olivia have broken up. (Thank God! She was insufferable, even if Mariana’s games were transparent as hell.) Logan leaves it open for Mariana to decide. To be honest, these two guys are outshined by good, ol’ Mat. Mat and Mariana have an honest chat at school. Mat has always had a soft spot for her, but he needed to think about his jealousy against Nick, among other things. He asks her if she’d be willing to take him back, and she says she’ll think about it. (There’s a good chance these two will reconcile once again, but we’ll see.)

We need to know what Nick knows.

2. Mariana and Lena’s Privatization Updates

Apart from Mariana’s triple-boy-troubles, she’s also holding it down for Anchor Beach’s privatization updates. She’s still standing strong, encouraging her peers to vote no on the student vote. Even some a-holes like that guy from STEAM robotics team voted against her, but her fighting words on the lunch table are enough for her peers to come together.

On the other hand, the student vote isn’t enough. With the student board also voting no, Lena is sure that the privatization deal is off. But the head of the board isn’t so convinced, especially after learning Monte may be moving to work at another school. In other words, the head of the board threatens Monte to resign soon, or else the other school might find out about ABCC’s drama. What a bitch!! Luckily, Mariana decides to let the chips fall where they may with Nick, and wants answers. The best idea is having Lena talk to him instead of her! What exactly does Nick know?

spill the tea, grace.

1. Three’s Company

Grace’s mother decides to move in with her during her cancer treatment, which causes some stress for Grace and her man Brandon. They can’t have sex at home, you guys! So they presume to sneak in times to have sexy moments while her mom is out of the house. However, Brandon doesn’t want to hurt Grace, while she doesn’t want to feel fragile. I have to admit how funny it is for B to be referred as a “considerate lover” by Grace! The most unfortunate part is when Brandon admits he doesn’t want to go to college. Do any of these kids want to, besides Callie? Wasn’t Mariana applying awhile back? Hopefully we’ll return to that storyline later this season.

How did you like The Fosters episode, “Invisible”? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for next week’s “#IWasMadeinAmerica”, airing Tuesday, January 23.

Synopsis: Callie and her friends support Ximena in a big way at a conservative anti-immigration rally and get a lot of buzz for Ximena’s plight. Meanwhile, an unlikely source offers a key piece of evidence that may help save Anchor Beach from going private and the family celebrates Stef’s birthday.

Freeform’s The Fosters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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