‘The Fosters’ 5×12 “#IWasMadeInAmerica” Review: Top 5 Powerful Moments

This week’s ‘Fosters’ produced some of the most powerful, politically challenged moments in season 5B! Brandon and Jesus took a backseat to let the ladies deal with things like self-worth, love, health issues, and politics. Callie finds her voice in the middle of a press conference in front of an anti-DACA tyrant. Lena also had two epic moments within the school board’s ABCC privatization decision. Even Stef had some words for Jenna, a tipsy friend at her birthday party, reading her for openly flirting with Tess in front of her husband. In less important but a bit of comedic relief, Mariana is still going through it with her three guys after her. Let’s discuss the top 5 powerful moments from “#IWasMadeinAmerica”!

Plot twist.

5. Callie Finding Her Voice

The episode starts with Callie, Aaron, and Ximena back at church, planning a hearing for Ximena until DACA situation is taken care of. Sean from the college anti-government team is also on their side, and arranges a protest against Shiloh McCullen. Shiloh has been known to be against the DACA system, ever since her assembly at UCSD a while back. At first, Callie takes a step back after Ximena makes her promise to stay out of trouble. She has her arts school portfolio to think about. While Stef and Jenna’s party commences, Callie has been working on her portfolio at the arts school and comes home to meet Poppy. Poppy questions Callie’s motives for going to Shiloh’s press conference, but she finds out soon enough. Especially during the Q&A segment, Callie asks one important question: “What is an American? What makes you an American, and me an American but not Ximena, who has lived here her entire life, gone to school, graduated, worked, paid taxes, and loved her country just as much as anyone who was born here? THIS IS AN AMERICAN!!” I’ve never felt prouder of our girl than in that moment. As a daughter of immigrant parents myself, I felt that deep in my bones. We usually don’t see many white female characters standing for justice on TV, and seeing a main white, female character do that for a WOC/immigrant, side character is amazing.

The protest gets noticed by Huffington Post, and Ximena gets a little too excited, planting a big kiss on Callie!! That was a little intense, but I wouldn’t mind if Callie gave it a try. She’s not with Aaron or AJ anymore; she’s free to be with whoever she damn well pleases. As long as Ximena is okay with it, who knows?! This could be an interesting turn of events, especially with Ximena still in that lonely church.

You better, Nick.

4. Lena’s Fight for ABCC
Lena deserves all of the awards from this episode. Not only does she stand up to Nick on his doorstep, but she threatens to call his parole officer about the texts sent to Mariana. Nick then presents a flash drive full of information to save the school. He also admits to destroying the new school’s model, because he hates his father that much for being behind the execution of this privatization. I can’t help but feel some sort of empathy for Nick. This dude is so messed up, he has no one in his life; no parents, friends, family by his side to help him.

Lena shows up to the board meeting with Nick’s flash drive, showing blueprints for luxury condos around Anchor Beach!!! Mr. Stratos doesn’t want a better school, he wants a fancy mall with a swimming pool, tennis courts, fancy equipment and more. ANCHOR BEACH ACADEMY IS A SCAM!!!!!! Stratos admits that once the vote was settled, he would relocate to somewhere else or close down the school altogether. This is enough for Drew to vote no, and finally the decision is made: ABCC will not become a private school. Yay!

3. Lena Earns Her Stripes
But Lena’s fight isn’t over. Drew apologizes to her for not believing her about Stratos. He really should apologize for being a complete asshole this entire season but whatever, right? He also “promotes” Lena as in charge of discipline and welfare and earns her merit-based bonuses, but everything falls to Drew’s decisions. So what good is her position as Vice Principal? Not much, since she still has to juggle those responsibilities on top of keeping Jesus’ studies in line. They’ve gotten rid of his terrible teacher’s aid Drew and chose to have Lena go to some of Jesus’ teachers with folders of his TBI condition. But that doesn’t help either because Timothy, her coworker/almost-baby-daddy, thinks that oversteps herself as both a parent and an educator. She’s fighting so hard for other people, she’s not fighting for herself and her worth.

Lena realizes this and comes back for another storming in on a board meeting!! She realizes that “merit-based bonuses are crap”; that as a founder of this school, she deserves more that she is given: a principal role. She declares that Drew needs to be fired, Lauren needs to resign or else she’ll quit, along with more than 3/4 of the faculty!!!! REMIND THESE HOES THAT THEY ALMOST LOST THEIR SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO STUPID AND BLIND TO SEE THAT!!!! I was so proud of Lena then. She has been pushed over time and time again by other people who didn’t do half of the work she has. I hope the school board makes the right choice.

We’ll just show ourselves out…

2. Stef Needs to Breathe
Stef also has her shining moments; it is her birthday, after all! Her crazy-drunk friend Jenn plans a birthday party for the both of them since they share the same day. But it becomes hella awkward after Stef invites both Tess and Dean. Not only does Jenna keep eyeballing Tess, but doesn’t seem to care that the woman is married to a man. Tess reminisces about her and Stef’s drunken adventures when they were 16, and Jenna puts two and two together. Stef loses her shit on Jenna after the party ends, calling her out for flirting with Tess in front of her husband. Jenna’s marriage had fallen apart from cheating, but she clearly “doesn’t give a damn doing that to someone else’s”. Yeah, Stef is over it. I’m over it too, a little bit. To be honest, I don’t think Stef was just mad at Jenna, she was also a little pissed at herself. She and Tess had a thing a long time ago, but she’s still allowing herself to be in the same circle as her, given they live next door, married to other people.

Stef additionally still has her breathing problems. She’d had it in the previous episode, but now it’s beginning to get out of hand. And it gets even worse as Brandon performs for her as a birthday present. B remembers how when he was little, he used to play for her when she’d get stressed out. He plays Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”, which such a perfect, soothing song. Stef sits on the couch and gets really emotional, has trouble breathing. That trouble intensifies towards the end of the episode while in bed with Lena. Luckily, her love is there to hold her. Jesus, Fosters writers, please don’t have anything bad happen to our Stef. She’s been through hell and back!

“I’d love to go out with you.”

1. Mariana’s ‘Bachelorette’ Segment
Mariana’s ‘Bachelorette’ Saga continues with Wyatt, Logan and Mat vying for her affections. However, this time is crucial because they all find out about each other! First, Wyatt asks her out! But since they cant agree on scheduling (Wyatt apparently teaches Pilates on Sundays.) they do a rain check. Mariana doesn’t seem the need to tell all 3 guys about her plans to date them, since they don’t run in the same circles. That plan backfires when she accidentally texts Mat when she’d thought she was texting Logan! When all three guys show up at Stef’s party, Mariana has no choice but to sit them all down and confess. Mariana isn’t ready to be tied down to anyone yet. Wyatt and Logan are ok with it, but Mat isn’t. Mat isn’t okay with Mari dating other guys, especially Wyatt since they’ve had sex before. She has more history with Mat than all them. However, at least they can take things slowly. In my opinion, I’m still on the fact that Mariana and Mat have more chemistry than both guys combined.

How did you like The Fosters episode, “#IWasMadeinAmerica”? Which moments were the most powerful for you? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Third Wheels”, airing Tuesday, January 30.

Synopsis: Brandon and Grace plan the ultimate senior prank which ends up going a little too far. Mariana and Mat make a huge decision about the future of their relationship.

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