‘The Fosters’ 5X13 “Line in the Sand” Review: Top 5 Hilariously Awkward Moments

This episode was probably the most hilariously awkward of season 5’s second half! Lena has officially started her new job as principal of Anchor Beach Community Charter, to unexpected events. Lena also “cockblocks” Stef’s sassy friend Jenna from getting with Tess. Brandon and Grace awkwardly plan their senior prank, but it goes off quickly. Back home, Stef and Tess have a weird moment to figure out what they are. Jesus and Emma plan a date, but a change of plans consume with Poppy. Callie continues to fight for Ximena’s rights, which presents a strange revelation in the end. Let’s jump into the top 5 moments from “Line in the Sand”!

5. Lena’s First Day at School

So it’s Lena’s first day as principal of ABCC, and she’s very excited, waking up to a family breakfast. As they’re all having their breakfast, the seniors — Mariana, Jesus, Brandon — pick out their favorite quotes to use in yearbooks. The moms share theirs; Lena’s was quoted, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”, by the late, great Maya Angelou. Stef’s was a bit more sturdy: “If you expect nothing form anybody, you will never be disappointed,” by Sylvia Plath. The positivity gets serious when Lena continues to help Jesus in math class, but we can see that Jesus doesn’t want the help. Why doesn’t he just tell her that?

4. Lena and Stef’s Double Dinner Date

Did you forget about the moms’ impending double dinner date with Tess and Dean? Jenna apparently hasn’t, especially after the blowout with Stef during their birthday party. However, Stef gets sick, so plans are rearranged to have Lena “cockblock” Jenna from Tess! Stef’s texts to Lena on her phone are so shady and so STEF: “Did Jenna shove her tongue down Tess’ throat yet?” and “Don’t leave Jenna alone with Tess!” Stef’s requests are kind of hard to follow when all Lena wants to do is leave! Jenna spills the tea on her ex-wife, who had joined a band at 40, caught with a singer who was 25. If she’s ever heard of the shit that Lena and Stef had gotten through these past five seasons, Jenna’s issues are nothing. It was hysterical watching Lena be so awkward around two people she barely knows, just to satisfy her wife’s suspicions on her friend. The next day, Stef talks to Tess and basically reads her on what exactly she’s doing. One minute Tess is married to a guy, another minute she lets Stef know she’s gay at prom. What exactly does she want out of this, and why is Stef still entertaining this idea?

3. Brandon and Grace’s Senior “Prank”

Brandon attempts to make an epic senior prank to please Grace, who has never had the experience. The senior prank is to bring Anchor Beach inside, turning the school into a sand-ridden beach resort! In theory, this is a step-up from Grace’s mom’s prank back in the day, putting the principal’s car on the school roof. Then again, the whole execution of B and Grace’s prank is so awkward, from gathering their so-called friends to collect the sand, from the inner conversations between Mat, Wyatt and Mariana. On the other hand, Lena finding out from a school patrol saves the whole segment. She was so pissed at how disrespected she felt! On the other hand, Lena decides to let it slide for the day and show up the next day in full beach swimsuit, sunglasses and all! Lens truly is the saving grace on what could have been a corny senior prank.

Grace has to stay inside for her T-cell operation, and they make a deal: she wont feel guilty if Brandon promises to not treat her like a Make a Wish kid. But the best moment is when Brandon gets her a sterilized gift, a jar full of the sand from the senior prank. So she’ll never forget. Also, the present comes with a funny photo of him, along with his senior quote: “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.” – Willy Wonka. Don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing with my ice cream in hand.

2. Jesus, Emma and Poppy’s Movie Night

Emma feels a little left out since her best friend and boyfriend are always busy with their own drama. So Jesus suggests going out, but a change of plans ensues when Poppy comes home in tears after finding out her parents were sent to a detention center in Arizona. To help keep Poppy company, Jesus offers to stay with her…with Emma all dressed up with nowhere to go! Once again, the intention was cute, but I don’t know any girlfriend who would be okay with staying with her boyfriend and his sister’s friend’s sister. Emma looked especially over it when Poppy and Jesus talked about Whip It, which is a movie conveniently about roller derby. After the movie ends, they talk about how weird it is that Jesus has time to become a roller derby stats manager, but little to no time for Emma. However, Emma takes matters into her own hands by learning roller derby with Mariana and Jesus. Yeah, this shouldn’t be difficult at all…

1.Mariana Makes a Choice

Mariana has had a tough time choosing between three dudes, but she makes the best decision for herself. Well, maybe not herself, but at least for her and Mat. Mariana is conflicted between Wyatt’s senior quote (“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis) and pining for Mat. But Mat pretty much calls her out for the dating-three-guys thing. “If you don’t know in your heart we’re meant to be together, then why are we doing this at all?” And he’s kind of right. I get that Mariana doesn’t want to be tied down, but involving all these dudes means she’s running away from something. And it’s not fair bringing in these guys, especially from Mat who really loves her. Mariana talks with Callie with it, but basically figures it out without Callie adding in anything. After hearing Mat say how sadly nostalgic he’s feeling already about life after high school, Mariana decides to end things with Mat? She wants to look forward and Mat is holding onto things that are familiar, like her. He should be more excited for Boston and Berklee. It sounds like our little Mari is taking her senior quote (“A girl who leaves behind a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”) to heart. Mari and Mat have a tearful breakup again, and I’m crying, you’re crying, everyone is crying!!

*Honorary Moment* Ximena’s Fate with DACA/ICE

We finally know of Ximena’s fate with her DACA situation. Poppy’s lawyer sees the girls but Ximena cant see her parents yet, for it’s too risky. They need more evidence to prove that she didn’t make any threats against the government. If Ximena can stay, she can finally leave Noah’s parents’ church. No one but the stuffy, traditional Conservative Student Union at UCSD recorded Ximena at the rally. Callie tries her best to use her political stats to get the footage, but they don’t since Ximena is considered “illegal” in their eyes.

Although, Callie finds out that the camera used to film the footage is from UCSD!! Anything filmed on that camera is property of the college, so they can use it to defend Ximena.
After the judge sees the video footage, he sees no reason that Ximena violated anything against the U.S. government, so she gets a stay of deportation until her DACA status is revealed. Yay!! She can walk a free woman…and live with the Fosters overpopulated house. Didn’t X and C kiss last episode? That’ll be fun to tell the kids!

How did you like The Fosters episode, “Line in the Sand”? Which moments were the most powerful for you? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Scars”, airing Tuesday, February 6.

Synopsis: Callie receives a surprising tip from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Jude tries to assuage Noah’s fears about his budding relationship with fellow gamer Declan.

Freeform’s The Fosters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.
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