‘The Fosters’ 5×14 “Scars” Recap: Top 5 Dramatic Moments

The Fosters pretty much brings on the drama every week. But this week, they took the drama to 100 in “Scars”. Aaron is arrested at school, with Callie and Stef by his side. Which puts him in a dangerous situation regarding his status as transgender. Stef has a panic attack during grocery shopping, in which puts her connection to Tess and Dean more strained. Meanwhile, Grace’s father Henry makes a special appearance this episode to visit her in the hospital. Brandon’s presence shows a different perspective for Grace’s mother Susan to think about their past. Jude has his own little dilemma with Taylor and Declan during their live gaming show. Let’s discuss the top 5 dramatic moments in “Scars”!

5. Callie Fights for Aaron’s Rights

Callie confronts the creepy ICE officer who was stalking her from the last episode after Ximena’s verdict from court. His name is Alan, and he comes to apologize to her for being deceived about Ximena’s actions at the rally. Alan also wants to help in beating ICE officers who want to target undocumented students at schools. Alan wants Callie to be present at the next school raid, ready with her camera. After staying mostly out of trouble this whole season’s half, Callie can’t afford to get back into the fire. She lets Mariana, Aaron and Ximena know, and they plan to warn the kids and staff at the next school.

Early the next morning, Callie gets the call from Alan where the next raid will be, and the squad goes to warn security. But the security doesn’t care…until ICE officers show up and start pulling and arresting kids at school! The worst part of it is when one kid pushes Aaron in the way of an officer and he ends up arrested! Aaron calls Callie for his one-phone-call and begs to be released. He’s been arrested but they’ll strip search him, and if they find out he’s transgender, things wont end well for him; it’s too dangerous. Luckily, Callie calls Stef for help, and she insists that Aaron disclose that he’s transgender to the officer holding onto him, and the officers figure out where to put him. Aaron can’t stay in the men’s holding cell because he’ll be bullied and tormented, nor can he stay in the women’s because he doesn’t belong there.

4. Aaron’s Battle Scars

While Callie waits for Alan’s call, she sets up to draw Aaron shirtless (Because that’s what friends do, right?). After she finishes, Aaron notices that she didn’t draw his post-surgery scars from when he’d gotten his breasts removed. She didn’t think he’d want that part of him shown, but Aaron thinks it’s ok because he’s finally starting to love his body.

Later on after Aaron gets arrested, Callie calls out Alan for not wanting to help get her friend out of jail. But Alan can’t corroborate because he’s been in this career field for the past 30 years, has a wife and family to think about. However, Aaron finally gets released from jail after a corroboration (most likely Alan’s). Callie is so relieved to see that her friend is safe. Aaron reveals that he was in solitary confinement because the police didn’t know what to do with him. You’d think being solitary would keep him safe, but it’s anything but. In any case, we’re just glad he’s at least physically ok. He also says it’s ok for Callie to add his scars to the portrait. That it’s time for people to know his story. My favorite line from Aaron is, “Telling people you’re trans is different than coming out as gay.” It allows both Callie and the audience at home watching to understand the perspective of someone who is different but still want respect. I’m officially in love with Aaron.

Callie is so touched by his statement that she KISSES HIM and for a minute, it looks like they might get back together!! BUT Aaron pushes away first; he went on a date with this other chick. But if Callie is ready to get back together, he won’t see her anymore. Callie pushes away last minute and isn’t ready to get back together. In my shipper’s opinion, Callie needs to stop playing around with Aaron’s feelings. I understand that she needs her space, but making out with him, saving him from being arrested, drawing him half-naked…what is this for?? Maybe Ximena was right, maybe Callie really is “in love with Aaron”. I hope they figure it out before the show ends.

3. Stef’s Panic Attacks

Before Stef gets called to help Aaron out of jail, she goes grocery shopping, where she has a panic attack in the store! She calls Brandon to come pick her up. At first, he doesn’t pick up, but after a few alarming texts, he finally picks up and takes her home. Brandon remembers from when he was little, his mama would have similar attacks and thinks she should take therapy more seriously. Yes, our Stef is starting therapy again, which is very good. Dean had revealed that Tess asked for a separation, which may have something to do with Stef’s anxiety. It’s just kind of unfortunate for Dean. He’s been in the dark for awhile.
Since Tess was Stef’s first love, the one that got away, she’s been sending her mixed signals, even told her she may be gay at prom. But those mixed signals have now affected Stef and her well-being, especially her mental health. Her therapist suggests that since Tess was Stef’s first love, she is Stef’s trigger that’s causing her panic attacks. That may be true, but what will Stef do about it? She’s still married; she wouldn’t give up on her years-long relationship with Lena to go back with an old flame.

2. Meet the Parents

Grace’s father Henry makes a special appearance this episode. Why are we just now seeing him? Well, according to Susan, they had a crappy breakup after Henry had an affair with Grace’s nurse the last time she got sick. They even have a fight about it in front of Brandon…hella awkward! However, talking with B has given Susan some perspective about the past, at least on a child of divorce’s point of view. An interesting point is when Grace signs Brandon’s name as her medical power of attorney, to make the medical decisions for her if she cannot do it herself, instead of her parents. I don’t know how to feel about that. To put another life in an 18-19 year old’s hands is such a hard decision to make. Hopefully B knows about this in the next coming episodes.

1. Jude’s Messy Love Triangle

Jude has become so irrelevant this season but at least he’s having fun. We know Noah was starting to feel a little better about Jude and Declan’s banter on Two Gay Guys and a Girl live gaming shows, but this takes it too far. Not only does Declan shade Jude for still being a virgin, he squeezes Jude’s butt while giving a hug!! Knowing that he has a boyfriend!! Taylor tries to simmer it down, but even she can’t keep them together. Additionally, the mamas caught Jude wearing a pair of expensive headphones from the fans, which is a no-no from them. Giving out private information in the internet, you don’t know who could pick up that information and stalk the family. Jude gives the headphones to Taylor, claiming it was from the fans. Yeah, you’re not fooling nobody, Jude.

How did you like The Fosters episode, “Scars”? Which moments were the most powerful for you? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for next week’s “Mother’s Day”, airing Tuesday, February 13.

Synopsis: Stef’s mom comes to visit and helps Stef cope with a tough time. Meanwhile, Callie and Jude grapple with the memory of their biological mother.

Freeform’s The Fosters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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