‘The Fosters’ 5×15 “Mother’s Day” Recap: Top 5 Sentimental Moments

After this week’s Fosters, I needed a bit of a break. Not because it was a bad episode, but because it held so many emotions that were very personal to me. As I sat watching Stef’s traumatizing panic attack with her mother Sharon, it brought me back to moments of when I’d had anxiety attacks. It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t breathe, but more like suffocating underwater, with black spots covering my vision. Speaking only from my own experience, of course, but Stef’s moment with her mother only showed how truly important it is for family to talk about the mental illness line that run in it. If Teri Polo does not get an Emmy or a similar television award, then there’s something wrong with the universe.

Aside from Stef and Sharon, Jesus and Lena also share a heavy moment regarding feminism and “locker room” talk. Callie and Jude additionally have their time together when they visit their birth mother’s grave for Mother’s Day, when Callie has a realization about a cherished item. Brandon and Grace face making a tough legal decision about her health, which doesn’t make Grace’s mom Susan very happy. Let’s dive into the five most sentimental moments from “Mother’s Day”!


5. Stef’s Massive Breakthrough with Sharon –

Stef back in therapy, talking about Jesus’ school problems with his former para-professional, as well as her strained relationships with Jenna and Tess. She’s bothered about Dean being in the dark this whole time. Her therapist puts two and two together with Stef’s former marriage with Mike, when they were together. She remembers how hard it was when they had to break up because she was gay. She didn’t have much support from her parents, especially from her father, who had lost touch with her for a year. Stef even lets a tear fall from the mere memory of it, which breaks my heart a little. But that’s nothing to what happens with her kooky mother Sharon.

Yes everybody, Grandma Sharon aka the great ANNIE POTTS IS BACK!!!!!! Not only does she too suspect that is gay, but Sharon invites them both to a gay bar! It’s so hysterical to see Sharon have the time of her life, but it’s even better when she tells Stef about her “experiences” when a club member asks her to dance! Stef reminds her that she’s not a lesbian, but Sharon’s had “experiences”. Sharon is the best ever!

After the bar night however, and during the Mother’s Day breakfast, Stef and Sharon have a killer argument. Stef describes how hard it was to come out to her parents, especially when Sharon had felt worse for Mike than her own daughter. Stef had even tried to be straight, but it didn’t just didn’t work that way. The emotions from the fight, as well as her own set Stef to have a massive panic attack; she can’t breathe, can hardly speak, and it’s the most terrifying scene. Sharon calms her down, following through with coaching her using the five senses. And it’s the most realistic, terrifying, heartbreaking, amazing scene I’ve ever seen from Stef. It’s brilliant that Sharon even knew what to do; she’s had panic attacks when she was Stef’s age. Their connection may have a few bumps on the road, but you can tell they really love and care for each other. Especially when the episode ends with Sharon starting a fabulous dance party! Moments like this make me feel all the feels, specifically when Sharon is a saving-grace honorary family member.


4. Jesus and Lena’s Talk on Feminism and “Guy Talk” –
Jesus’s new para-professional Priya is gorgeous, which makes it harder for him to focus on schoolwork. Tensions raise when he gets a sexually suggestive note from a male classmate about Priya. Lena finds the note about Priya, and at first thinks she should find a new para but Sharon says otherwise. Stef makes a great point, “We shouldn’t just raise our daughters to be feminists, we should raise our sons to be feminists too.”

Lena gives Jesus the most educated lesson on respecting women, all women. “I was wrong to assume that you couldn’t rise above and be the man we raised you to be. The man who respects not only your mothers, sisters, your girlfriend, but ALL women,” Lena projects. It looks like Jesus took Lena’s words to heart because at the Mother’s Day breakfast when the rest of the kids give the mamas physical gifts, Jesus wrote about the mamas’ love that gave them more than just a home, but a family. His best line was, “I want my two strong, beautiful brilliant moms to know that you don’t have to worry about me being the man you hope to be, because that’s the man I want to be.” Yes, Jesus, yes!

3. The Fault in Brandon’s Stars –
Grace finally tells Brandon about him being her proxy, should anything happen to her. She thinks her mom won’t make decisions for her benefit, but her own. And B wont let that happen. On the other hand, Grace’s mom Susan found out anyway, and she was not happy at all. Little does she know that Grace signed his name, not Brandon. “When it comes to whether or not my daughter lives or dies is not a decision you’re capable of making those decisions,” Grace’s mom declares. Which isn’t completely false; as Grace’s mother, Susan should have the right to make her daughter’s medical decisions. However, Grace still chose her boyfriend rather than her own mother. Brandon overhears Grace and her mom talking about the situation, and she did it because she didn’t want her mom to feel guilty about letting her go, if it came to that. After mulling it over with Callie, Brandon finally agrees on being Grace’s proxy. Oh boy!

2. Callie and Jude’s Visit to their Mother –
I sometimes forget that Callie and Jude had lost their birth mother from their father shooting her back in season one. But it’s times like Mother’s Day when they realize that life goes on, and it’s okay to move on with it. Ximena gives Callie a pretty gift, a new necklace. But Callie doesn’t want to replace her mother’s necklace, so she puts Ximena’s to the side. Jude wants to see their birth mother’s grave for Mother’s Day. But Callie feels like she has no time for it. Does she? What’s she running away from? However, Callie has a very odd dream about her birth mother, where she is alive, making breakfast for just Jude and Callie. Additionally in the dream, Callie’s not wearing her necklace. Damn.

After Callie hears Jesus’ beautiful speech about Lena and Stef, she reconsiders taking Jude to see their birth mother’s grave. What’s also surprising is seeing Jude’s biological father Donald with his new girlfriend. He basically gives them permission to move forward with their lives. Back at home, Callie does something very important; she takes off her moms necklace and replaces it with Ximena’s. She’s okay with not “wearing her grief around her neck”. You go, girl!

1. Mariana vs. Tess –
I’ve just about had it with Mariana butting into situations that have nothing to do with her. Not only does she rat out Jesus about the note regarding Priya, but she straight-up asks Lena if Tess is gay, as if that’s any of her business. Mariana, why do you care?! You only care so you wont lose your precious boy-toy Logan. Logan is also being kept in the dark by thinking his father is having an affair. He’s noticed that some girl kept calling Dean’s phone. If Logan is worried, I can’t wait until he finds out about Tess. Tess unfortunately found out from Lena about Mariana, that if she doesn’t come clean to Dean about her feelings, then Mariana will. Tess then threatens Mariana, should she tell Logan anything, she will personally make sure he has nothing to do with her. As much as it is wrong for Tess to threaten a child, Mariana should have kept quiet about grown-folks business. But it’s all over in two weeks when Logan finds out about his mother in the next episode’s promo video!

How did you like The Fosters episode, “Mother’s Day”? Which moments were the most powerful for you? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for “Giving Up the Ghost”, airing in two weeks, on Tuesday, February 28.

Synopsis: Stef confronts her demons and finally comes clean to Lena about what’s been troubling her. Mariana and Emma find themselves going head to head, putting Poppy and Jesus in an awkward position.

Freeform’s The Fosters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.


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