‘The Fosters’ 5×16 “Giving Up the Ghost” Recap: Top 5 Moments

It’s been a long two weeks, but we’re back with another day with The Fosters! Not a lot of big drama happened this week (surprisingly!), but it was still a good episode to keep us watching. Mariana and Emma get into a petty fight over roller derby and a STEAM internship. An argument between Lena and Stef lets some important information about Tess to Logan. Grace and Brandon have a Ghostbusters moment in her apartment. Callie and Jude go through a crossroads with their father, his new girlfriend Natalie, and her son Caleb. Callie also makes a decision about her future in college, with her father giving some sound advice. Let’s dive on in to these top four moments from “Giving Up the Ghost”!

5. Mariana vs. Emma vs. STEAM vs. Roller Derby??

If this moment’s title sounds weird, that’s because it is. In fact, this faux aggressiveness between Emma and Mariana is so petty, that it really has no business being in it, but here we are.

As Mariana fills out college applications with her school counselor, she feels that she has a higher chance of getting in the more competitive schools, not to mention she has a very high GPA and a roller derby squad to boot. However, her counselor suggests working on STEAM club because that has more of an academic edge than roller derby. That might prove difficult because Emma sort of kicked her out.

Even in roller derby tryouts, Emma reveals that she’s working on a STEAM summer internship. Mariana starts to sign up for the summer internship too, which causes an even bigger strain on them. Emma insists that the internship company is not going to accept two people from the same city, let alone the same high school. Since when is this Emma’s thing?! Since when can Emma do something and shut Mariana out? Aren’t they supposed to be past the petty mess? It doesn’t look like it, because during roller derby tryouts, Emma tries out for the team last minute. In my opinion, Emma is so petty! One minute she wants to be best friends again with Mariana, and another she’s constantly knocking her down. In a surprising move, both Emma and Mariana make the team as jammers, by a one-second margin.

However, Poppy didn’t make the team at all. Jesus, being the good friend he is, he reads Emma for trying out and getting in as a jammer. Because this isn’t about Mariana, it’s about Poppy. This was her one chance to be happy about something after everything she’s been through, and Emma just ruined it by being petty. Emma sees the wrong in her reasoning, even tries to get out of it, but Ximena lets her know that they “compete against ourselves, not each other”. Emma also tries to apologize to Poppy, but Poppy has no hard feelings. Emma additionally takes it a step further and tells Mariana to apply to the internship. It’s nice that Emma tries to make amends, but I feel like she only did it because Jesus called her out. We’ll see if she sticks with this newfound positive streak lasts.

4. Ghostbusters in Love

Grace’s mom Susan is out of town, so Grace invites Brandon to spend the weekend with her. All goes well until her ghost returns to haunt her apartment. At first, Brandon makes fun of her for a minute, they even practice their acoustic band song, which sounds lovely. But they let it go because Grace doesn’t think they’ll ever open up for a legit band. (Have they heard of YouTube?) She grows scared of the ghost more when “it” makes a picture frame fall off the wall on its own!!!!! Grace explains that she sees this ghost thing when she’s sick. It started when she was 9 years old, came back when she was13 and now when they put the T-cells in. But he’s never come home with her before. Brandon thinks the ghost needs their help to “go to the light”, so they perform a weird, awkward banishing spell for the ghost to go away. It seems like the ghost goes away for good. Brandon wakes up to Grace singing their song, and she thinks the treatment is finally working. I really hope so, because I’m dreading the day that we lose Grace to cancer or something else. Brandon needs a good thing this last season.

3. Callie and Jude Meet Their Dad’s “New Family”

Callie got a letter from UCSD, but sadly she did not get accepted into their art program. I know the feeling of not getting into your first choice school, but things always work out the way they should. Callie doesn’t believe that, but she doesn’t let it harp on her, especially with her dinner with her father Donald and his new family. Jude asks about their dad’s dinner with his gf. Callie at first doesn’t want to go, but Jude doesn’t want to go alone. They meet Natalie’s son Caleb, starting an awkward conversation about college, sports, and gaming. It’s funny how Donald doesn’t know much about Callie and Jude’s lives, but is so into Caleb’s. Natalie reveals that she split with Caleb’s father when he was very young. Caleb replies, “He’s not really into being a dad.” And Jude throws in a little shade by saying, “Yeah, it sucks when that happens.”

What’s worse is that Jude and Caleb bail on the dinner afterward! He’s more upset that he has no one to rely on anymore, since Callie is leaving for Portland State. Jude feels abandoned and left out of everything. They just got here, to a new home, a new family. Callie reassures that he has so many other people looking out for him, that they’ll always be a team. They have a tender moment when they remember one of their mother’s sayings, “I’m sweet and you’re spicy.” – Jude quoting their mom. The next day, Jude even advises Donald to be more of a dad to Caleb because his real dad isn’t there. It’s nice to see Jude show a little maturity.

2. Callie’s College Decisions

As for Callie’s college plans, she admits to Donald she didn’t get into UCSD, but she got into Portland State. After the awkward dinner, Donald and Callie talk about why she thinks she didn’t get into art school, that maybe she didn’t let herself want the opportunity enough. Donald thinks that with her mom dying so suddenly, it put a wall up on her want for success and happiness. Maybe that’s also why he wont be more with Natalie. Callie assures him that he’s allowed to be happy, as well. He doesn’t have to pay for what happened to their mother for the rest of his life.

Callie uses this new surge of insight to meet up with arts school professor to appeal her application. Even though very few are successful. She realizes she was holding back, but she’s ready to make herself known. However, the professor lets her know that Callie didn’t get in, not because she didn’t want it enough, but more because the passion wasn’t there. The same passion that Callie had while helping Ximena in her DACA situation. Maybe art isn’t her true calling. To be fair, maybe it’s for the best; not everyone gets to do just one thing in their life. Callie has been struggling with expressing her art for awhile now. It’s possible that there can be another path for people like Callie to take on their own and still get to be happy.

1. Lena vs. Stef vs. Tess

Lena is completely over this whole Tess situation, and I live for it!! She wants to try going to the couples retreat but Stef things it’s too hippy for her. Lena thinks it’ll be good to get away from the family drama. Stef hasn’t been in the mood for a lot of things lately; is her anxiety kicking in again? These anxieties build up when Lena and Stef have an argument about you-know-who, and Lena lets it slip that Tess “might be a lesbian”. Little do they know that Mariana and Logan walk in on that last part!

How long is this Tess drama going to drag on? Who cares if she’s a lesbian? Tess comes over to try to talk to Stef about what Logan heard, but Lena reads her down, says that they’ve got their own problems, and pleads her to leave them alone. YES Lena! Lena also advises Tess that if she wants to come out, she has to do that, but leave them out of it!! Lena’s anger and frustration slips away a bit when Stef later admits she isn’t unhappy with Lena or her life, just herself. So they agree to go away for the couples retreat for awhile. It’s just so sad to see a couple who was once so in love, be so downtrodden almost all the time now. I pray for them both to find peace within these final episodes.

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Synopsis: Callie speaks on a panel about Ximena’s struggle and realizes she may have a passion for something other than art. Meanwhile, Mariana is torn between two suitors.

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