‘The Fosters’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Top 5 Shocking Moments from “Until Tomorrow”


The Fosters season 4 finale was the most frustrating, hell-raising, heart-stopping episode of all time. We’ve seen some crazy stuff on this show before, but this one really nailed it!! Callie “bravely” joins Diamond and Russell in his sex trafficking business, with Stef racing to find them all. Jesus discovers Emma’s secret, but reaches a crossroads with Mariana and Brandon. Lena clashes with the School Board about the privatization of Anchor Beach. Let’s discuss the most shocking moments from “Until Tomorrow.”


5. Callie, What are you Doing?! – Ok, so this is pretty much every single episode this season, but you’d think after seeing Kyle’s transformation in jail would give Callie some sense. But nope, she decides to take it upon herself to go to Russell with Diamond, leaving Daphne and Christina behind!! In Callie’s eyes, she sees it as since she’s going to jail for three years anyway, she’ll have nothing to lose by going off with a perfect stranger. But she has a plan: if Callie goes off with Diamond; Daphne can tell Stef to track her phone. Stef will find her, with a shitload of cops, arrest Russell and live happily ever after.

As if!! Russell tosses the phone in a bag that gets thrown into another car, sending Stef and company right past the creepy motel they’re all staying. Not to mention Callie is left alone with Russell; he makes her call him “daddy” and asks her to sing a song. The whole scene is terrifying, haunting, frustrating as all hell, and makes me want to cry.

Sing? ?

4. Will Callie Ever Learn? – It completely sucks that this is where our heroine has ended up after 20 episodes. Not only has she been backstabbed by Kyle and Troy, but she’ll have to spend up to three years in jail for defending Kyle. This girl never seems to have (or want?) a normal, happy, human life. As much as Kyle had said Callie will get her happy ending in last week’s episode, I don’t know when that will be. She just constantly is in need to save everybody, no matter what the consequences do for herself. It’s not that she has nowhere to go; she has a home and a family that loves her to the core. But she keeps screwing that perfect possibility up by acting impulsively. I hope season five is her redemption period, but it’s unlikely at the moment.


3. Troy’s Big Confession – More evidence is found that Doug Harvey knows more about Martha Johnson’s death than he lets on. And we’re right. He has been working on Martha’s house when he’d seen Troy go inside her house. Mike then invites Troy’s alibi, his ex. She doesn’t confess anything about the murder, unbeknownst to Troy. They bring Troy back, make it look like his ex said something, and Troy actually confesses!! He confesses the entire situation, how his grandmother had been shaming him, and he just couldn’t take it anymore…..so he killed her. Wow.

It makes sense to have the main culprit confess, but come on! So this means Callie’s whole confrontation with Kyle was pointless. It would have been better if it had been Kyle who committed the crime. It would have given Callie a life lesson not to get involved in so much legal drama. Thinking in the long term, it would have taught her that with every cause comes an effect. Guess she won’t learn that way now, until next season, at least.

Jesus needs answers.

“She couldn’t tell you!”

2. Jesus Confronts Emma, Mariana and Brandon – Speaking of hopeless, dramatic teens, let’s talk about Jesus and Emma’s abortion issue. The first thing Jesus does is tell his mamas what’s up. He’s a smart kid!! Why does everyone think this kid is dumb? Even after being in a coma, an epic brain surgery, and still struggling with physical therapy, he still has some smarts. But anyway, Lena and Stef pretend to be surprised at this news. The best part is that even though Jesus is confused, conflicted and worried for Emma, he still knows this was her choice. He’s such a precious, mature unicorn, you guys!!

But that moment dies when he confronts both Brandon and Emma at the rainy Anchor Beach board meeting protest. It’s all very dramatic and intense. Jesus really wants to know why Emma could tell Brandon and not him. Brandon tries to explain that Emma just needed a friend, and this gets into Jesus’ head that they really had more than friendship going on. However, before they can let him know otherwise, Jesus bails. Where did he go? Who knows, but hopefully big bro B will find him.

Education is a right.

1.Lena’s Powerful School Board Speech – We’ve got to give it to Lena this half of the season. Even when she’s on a leave of absence, she still finds time to stand up for what she believes in. And the kids protesting and chanting “Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!” was outstanding. It’s too bad that their plans didn’t work; the school board voted a state-of-the-art facility, courtesy of good old Craig. So much for freedom of expression.

What were some of your favorite moments from “Until Tomorrow”? Leave comments below. Also, check out the promo video for season five, which premieres July 11.

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