‘The Fosters’ Summer Finale Recap: Top 5 Moments from “Prom”

In last week’s “Engaged”, there was a party going on! Mike and Ana’s engagement party, that is. But in true Fosters fashion, they couldn’t have a proper party without involving drama. Not only was Jesus relentlessly trying to get his birth parents back together, but Gabe was starting to take his foolish advice. A grown man taking the advice of a 16 year old high school dropout?! Please. In other news, Ana’s parents visited the party and had a few choice words for their former son-in-law. But it wasn’t not all bad news at this shindig. Jesus and Emma were still “engaged”….sort of. Jesus was so excited for the family to accept their upcoming nuptials. But Emma wasn’t so sure, and neither were the mamas. It all came to a head when an explosive breakup arose, bringing two girls together again. After the party ended, Gabe left quite a surprise for Jesus. Meanwhile, when everyone else was at the party, AJ competed with Callie for the art school program. But instead of making life harder for Callie, he offered to stand by her during the campus protest. It all happened in the penultimate episode before the summer finale.

In this week’s “Prom”, it’s pretty obvious what big event happens during the mid-season summer finale. But again, these kids can’t even enjoy prom without inflicting stress, fights and drama. Even the prom photographer was wondering why everyone was so serious tonight. I like to gag at uncomfortable times, it seems, especially when it comes to the Adams-Fosters. Mariana goes above and beyond to continue this “boyfriend” charade, even at one point involving Emma in her mess! And boy, do all of her exes come out to help! Meanwhile, Callie and Aaron get into yet another argument — not about politics, but about AJ. But politics does come into play when Stef and Callie work together to protect Ximena from ICE. In other news, Brandon and Grace have the most romantic prom ever, if only to avoid talking about the heavy cloud over their heads. Also, Lena gets some promising news from Monte about Anchor Beach, but Jude doesn’t seem happy with it. It all goes down on the season 5A summer finale!

5. Mariana Being a Hot, Hysterical Mess Pt. 1 – If anyone can deflect a situation, God knows Mariana can, but just not in the best way. Even though she has created enough courage to have the Anchor Beach prom at the roller derby warehouse, her love life is still a hot mess. As all of the kids are gearing up to head to prom, Mariana comes up with the sneaky plan to invite her “ex-boyfriend” Wyatt to divert Logan’s intense girlfriend from thinking she wants Logan (even though we know she does). Alex Saxon, of all people, found his way to slide on back to this show, even though we haven’t seen him in years, short haircut and all. He reluctantly agrees to go with Mariana, but when he shows up, he’s piss-drunk and high, which is hilarious! So he’s out in Mariana’s glorious plan.

Next up is Mat! Mat looks lovely in his tux and long hair slicked back into a low bun. Mariana gets ready to ask him to dance, when Zoe slides on by his arm and asks first. Poor girl has to sulk back down and watch her ex dance away.

4. Mariana Being a Hot, Hysterical Mess Pt. 2 – Emma sits down next to her, drunk from having one too many sips of Wyatt’s special drink. She suggests an interesting concept for Mariana to think about to save herself:

That plan is actually genius because the both of them tear it up on the dance floor! It’s hard to tell if Olivia believes them, but Stef’s reaction to the kiss was by far the best!! Cierra Ramirez and Amanda Leighton got it going on this whole episode, and I love it. but that whole moment is short-lived when Emma and Jesus have a tearful reunion, sealed with a kiss. Mariana is deep-down happy to see them work things out. But she feigns upset when Olivia reminds her that her “girlfriend is kissing her brother”, so she calls out, “My own damn brother!” Too funny!!

So that’s another subplot foiled, until Mat comes back. He explains that Zoe and her are not back together; they’re just friends, and he’d love to dance with Mariana. Which I think was super cute and sweet to end Mariana’s tirade of saving herself from the wrath of Olivia. Hopefully something will happen with Mat before he heads off to college. The freakiest part of this though? Before Mat showed back up, Mariana was texting someone who knew how to save Anchor Beach’s privatization issues, also who tore up the school model….it’s Nick!! Nick mothereffing Stratos!! What does he want now? Hope we’ll find out in season 5B.

3. Aaron vs. Callie vs. ICE – As for Callie, she’s having the worst prom ever!! And to think that she didn’t even want to go to prom in the first place. Mariana basically made her and Aaron go. Thankfully, Aaron was sweet enough to say yes, but that’s where the good moments between them die. The episode picks up from where “Engaged” left off at the heated campus protest. Ximena gave a powerhouse speech that outed herself as undocumented, but also put us in her shoes as to what it means to be a WOC in America. When things got even more intense, Callie and AJ left quickly. When Callie meets up with Ximena at prom, Ximena explains that she’s more mad at the state of things, rather than Callie leaving.

It’s amazing how this show was filmed months ago, and they’re just now airing in the middle of our DACA situation with the president and his administration. The Fosters must be psychic or have super-hearing, or else they really know their stuff.

Other than that, Callie is having a grand, ole time at prom with her boyfriend. NOT! Aaron finally asks her if AJ was with her at the protest, which escalates into a whole different argument. Callie assures that there’s no reason for him to be jealous, but Aaron puts his foot in his mouth by saying:

Talk about Asshole!! Aaron is cute, sweet and everything, but his comment was rude AF. Luckily, Callie defends herself and says she’s not a piece of property, and if that’s how Aaron sees her, then she’s done. I’d hate for the girl to go through another breakup in back to back seasons, but this was definitely needed.

However, that moment of bravery is short-lived when ICE show up hunting for Ximena. Callie runs over to Stef for help, and they come up with an easy plan to “arrest” Ximena for drug possession. But in true Callie fashion, she does things her way. She and AJ sneak her friend into AJ’s trunk to bide time. It all turns into a car chase into a church (Callie called Jude to contact Noah’s pastor dad into opening the doors). The finale ends as they wait for the right moment to strike back; they don’t want to risk losing their friend to the ICE demons. How will this all work out next season?

2. The Fault in Our Stars – While everyone is having their dramatic, heavy moments, there’s still Brandon trying to make sure Grace has the best prom ever. Grace’s mom informs him that Grace has an aggressive form of leukemia and has to go back home for treatment. Brandon never lets Grace know, but it’s super sweet how they won’t let that dark cloud infect their moment together. I’d hate for B to lose what could possibly be his first, true, honest relationship (say nothing, Brallie fans. I love Brallie too, but they’re siblings…now).

1. Are The Fosters Moving? – Lena gets a visit from Monte about a new job offer, and Monte wants her to come along. On one hand, it would be a good chance for Lena and fam to start over; they’ve basically been in the same town for years. But on the other hand, they can’t just drop everything and move to a completely new place. Jude (where has this lil nugget been this whole season?) overhears, and is not happy. I hope they expand on this topic in next season’s half.

What were some of your favorite moments from “Prom”? Leave comments below.
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