Four Things You Should Have Handy for 1×07 of ‘Sweet/Vicious’


After six emotional, funny, brilliant, original, etc, etc, episodes of Sweet/Vicious we are heading back in time to when/where it all began. We know that Jules was raped by Nate, we just haven’t seen how it all transpired. Well, we’re about to find out.

Here’s a few things you might want to have handy/wear while you watch episode seven of Sweet/Vicious.

Tissues, Tissues, and Even More Tissues.

Can’t stress this enough. This episode will make you cry; it doesn’t shy away from what happened during that night or the aftermath. Seriously though, you see the entire rape scene from start to finish, which isn’t something television shows…at all. It’s extremely uncomfortable to watch and it makes my stomach feel like it’s falling out of my body. But if it is triggering for you, please feel free to not watch it.

A Forty (if you are of age)

While we do focus on Jules’ rape and the aftermath, the present is all about Opharris day. Opharris day!!! A day of celebrating the beautiful friendship of Ophelia and Harris. A key part of this day is a fantastic game called Edward Forty-Hands.  So drink along with Ophelia and Harris and celebrate with them!! (IF YOU’RE OF AGE. NO UNDER-AGE DRINKING)


You’ll be crying, a lot, so you’ll need to rehydrate because crying takes a LOT out of you. I suggest red Gatorade so you get your sugars and calories. Just lookin out for my babes.

Your Favorite CEO/#GirlBoss outfit:

Tonight, in honor of empowering women and taking power back from men, wear your favorite #GirlBoss outfit. Fight back and take the Girl Boss role.

Make sure you tune into tonight’s episode of Sweet/Vicious at 10pm only on MTV.


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