Four Ways @Wattpad Has Changed The Way We Read

Reading sometimes gets boring and unless you are getting books shipped to you every week for free – these days you have to make choices. You have to make choices as to what you are going to spend your money on, what you want to read, and there is always the chance you are going to hate it. Now I get it, you think how can reading Wattpad help me decide what books to buy?

The great thing about Wattpad is that not only are there original works, there is also works of Fan Fiction, but there are also a lot of established writers on Wattpad – so you can get your taste. You can get to know an author before you go out and spend your hard earned cash.

Everything you could ever want is accessible.

I will admit – I love having everything at my fingertips. The good that about Wattpad is that I do. Everything is available on there, it’s just a matter of finding it. Currently, I have been partial to 5SOS fan fiction, but I have also found myself heading towards original works. Wattpad breaks it down by genre and gives the writer the ability to tag their works. In the mood for romance, but not sure if you are in the mood for some Winchesters or some Loki – you can find it all.

Reading Fan Fiction on Wattpad has opened us to new fandoms.

Fan fiction – in our opinion – is one of the best things about Wattpad. The amount of diverse writers on there and the insane amount of fandoms has us going through everything that we can to find what we love. But the great thing about Wattpad is that a lot of Fan Fiction writers branch out into different fandoms. Find one you love and you may find a new fandom because they write about that fandom. The diverse writers that are out there, the gifts that they have make you strive to be a better writer. It makes you want to be a better reader. The talent on Wattpad is amazing.

The people at Wattpad really listen to fans and suggest more for them to read based on what they are saying.

The great thing about Wattpad is the writers. The writers are really searching for their voices to be heard and their voices are powerful. Wattpad gives you the chance to comment on stories – but not only one the story overall, but also the lines in the book that move you. Writers get immediate feedback on their writing which enables them to be stronger writers. I’ve read a lot of writings that the writer has asked for feedback so that they could give the readers what they want, but also what moves the story forward.

We never feel the lapse of waiting for a sequel, as Wattpad can be updated as much as the writer wants.

There is nothing that we hate more than having to wait for the next book that we need to read to figure out what happens in a series. It’s TORTURE. The great thing about Wattpad is that we don’t always have to wait that long. Yes, we totally get that it’s up to the writer when they are going to post, but the great thing about Wattpad writers is they love posting, they want to give us their stories. We can’t get enough of them and appreciate just how much time and effort they put into their fans.


If you aren’t reading Wattpad we encourage you to start reading. The new authors that you can expose yourself too will be enlightening and you will be able to affect peoples lives. Be sure to check out Wattpad now.


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