Credit to Fox

Fox’s Lucifer officially casts Abel, Cain’s….sister?!

That’s right, Lucifans, per TVLine the fabled Abel (and yes I’m proud of that rhyme) has been officially cast and will be portrayed by Crashing’s Lauren Lapkus. Lucifer takes a trip down to Hell to find her, only to be surprised at where she actually is.

According to the exclusive scoop, Abel takes a trip to Earth in the form of a lady who’d recently died from her injuries in an explosion. Lucifer and Cain quickly try to track her down, and one can only imagine how that will go. Plot intrigue aside, the twist that Abel is a woman is something I truly appreciate, and it’s made more interesting by the fact that she was in Hell at all.

Her part in Lucifer and Cain’s mission to help the latter die, will no doubt be dramatic and full of revelations knowing this show, but I’m excited to meet her nonetheless.

How about you Lucifans? Are you excited to meet the one and only lady Abel in the series March 5th outing?

Lucifer returns with new episodes Monday September 26th at 8/7c on Fox.

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