Freeform Cancels Stitchers After 3 Seasons


Suddenly, a wave of sadness has hit us over at Fangirlish. A favorite show of ours around here, Stitchers was cancelled by Freeform after three seasons, according to

As you remember, the season ended with Kristen supposedly losing her memories of her time at the Stitch program, leaving Cameron heartbroken. But in a stunning twist at the end, Kristen reveals that she is being blackmailed to do this to Cameron by a mysterious person in the shadows.

Now most likely, we will never find out who was behind making Kristen do this. We will never see Kristen and Cameron get back together. We will never see Fisher, Camille, Linus and Maggie either grace our screens. Stitchers‘s cancellation reminds us that once again tv’s landscape can be a fun place for fans but also can be cruelly taken away from you too.

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