Frequency 1×05 Review: Pushing Forward



Frequency’s episode, “Seven Three,” had many touching moments to warm even the coldest heart. Also, it showed the fact that Raimy is a badass. But, we already knew that.

seven three review




We finally got to have Riley Smith and Peyton List on screen, at the same time. I really enjoyed being able to see both of Raimy’s first days. Before the change and after. From the first flashbacks, there was a distinction between the two days. In the current timeline, Frank was there on Raimy’s first day. It was brighter than her other first day. There was warmth in the air. Raimy was surrounded by those closest to her, Frank and Satch. Frank pinned his old badge on Raimy, and it was the sweetest thing. In the original timeline, she wasn’t able to have this moment.

Throughout this first day, you can see that Raimy is struggling. The struggle comes from the fact that her dad is a well-known cop. She wants to be able to live up to that. She just wants to make Frank proud. But, the beautiful thing is that Frank is already proud. You can see it in his interactions with her. You can see it in the way that he talks to her and about her. Frank loves his daughter and with that love, I don’t know if there’s anything Raimy could do to disappoint him.

In the same scene that Frank is giving Raimy his old badge, there’s a moment where Frank, Satch, and Raimy are standing in a triangle. Both Satch and Frank have huge smiles on their faces. That’s Raimy’s family. It showed the importance of unity between the three. I get the feeling Satch helped Frank raise Raimy when Julie went missing.

Her first day from the original timeline is a lot creepier. The filter is darker, automatically setting the mood for you. Where in the one with her dad there are a lot of people, in this one she’s alone. There’s sadness in her that you can clearly see. There also appears to be some shame at who her father is. Because in this timeline, he was the dirty cop. Satch attempts to give her Frank’s old badge, but she refuses. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. Even Satch has to back out of riding with her on her first day and she’s stuck with Stan Moreno. It’s sad and depressing.

If I had choice between the two, the timeline with her dad would definitely be it. But, this is also the timeline that doesn’t have her mom. This really leaves the question: which one is better?



Seven ThreeFrank and Raimy’s relationship continues to evolve the more we get into the season. In the scene where Frank talks about his relationship with Julie, he pours out some of his heart to his daughter. In the past, it’s been Frank giving Raimy advice. However, here Raimy is the one to give Frank advice. The change is beautiful and flows effortlessly. It shows the growth they’ve had in their relationship. Although Raimy now has memories of what it was like to grow up with her dad, she didn’t actually grow up with him. Going through this experience with him, has allowed her to really get to know more of her dad. Even thought they’ve only talked through the ham radio, that relationship continues to deepen, connecting them more.

I really like the scenes with the radio. Raimy and Frank’s relationship is evolving. It’s growing. Can we have one scene where Frank and Raimy don’t talk about a case, but instead about life?



seven-three1Yeah, he’s getting his own section. The promo really had you thinking that we would get some kind of take down for Stan Moreno. However, in the end, that wasn’t the case. Moreno was a big part of the episode as a whole, but not so much of the central theme. Stan Moreno is sketchy AF. In everything he does, he’s creepy. He just has that aura around him. Anthony Ruivivar is SO good at playing the villain.

Raimy has no patience for Stan and I’m all here for it.

seven three review


She’s also not taking any of his shit, which I like. The way she stands up to him is fascinating. She doesn’t care. Although that can be dangerous, when it’s a bad person, it’s very admirable. Raimy has always been “balls to the wall,” never afraid to do what her gut tells her.



signal-and-noise7One of the heartbreaking moments of the episode came at the end, when Julie decided to fully end things with Frank. Immediately Frank turns away from her, because that’s not what he wanted to hear. It’s difficult for him. Frank wants his family together again. There’s nothing he wants more than that. That’s been his goal since he came back into “the land of the living.” Julie mentions the fact that he’s no longer the same as before he left. And, that’s true. I can’t imagine having been undercover, in a completely different life, and not come out of that changed.

Julie, even in her own sadness at the end of her marriage, attempts to comfort Frank before walking away. It’s such a painful moment, and as a viewer, you were able to see that. The way it was portrayed, allowed the viewer to feel that pain alongside Frank and Julie. Even though Frank doesn’t want to, he now needs to learn how to move forward with his life. Without Julie by his side.

I’m still holding out for a reconciliation between the two. We never got to see Julie and Frank in a relationship, and I want to see that explored. Here’s hoping Frank and Raimy are able to save Julie, and Julie and Frank get back together. This family deserves a happy ending.




Devin Kelley. That last scene with Frank killed me. The sadness she expressed was so raw. She wasn’t afraid to get into the scene. What made it real for me was when her voice broke and she had to repeat it again. There’s not many times when I’ve seen an actor have a heartbreaking scene and handle it like she did. Kelley allowed herself to break down. She allowed Julie to feel broken. That scene was the end of a marriage, and in real life, I can’t imagine it ever being easy.



  • Ground ball. Is that a baseball reference? I just searched it and yes, yes it is. I don’t really watch baseball.
  • “All I want is to get back what I lost.” Raimy announces this in the intro for the episode, but at what cost? That’s such a tricky situation, because anything they do can change the present. That’s the butterfly effect for you.
  • Umm… did Stan just threaten Raimy?

  • I can’t deal with having Satch and Raimy at odds. I don’t know how to handle it. I want them to just make up.
  • Is Satch involved with Moreno?! What is this? I really hope he’s not dirty. I’m pretty sure that would break my heart.
  • Frank having Satch run the coach’s plates had me cracking up. Satch was not having it. He was probably thinking, “I have an actual job to do.”
  • I liked the comparison Satch gave Raimy to her father, but I’m not sure if he meant it as an insult or a compliment.
  • Frank gives such good advice. He’s caring and soothing when speaking. Can I have a Frank in my life to tell me what to do?
  • “I became a cop because of you.” As if I needed more reasons to cry my heart out. *sniffles*


Let me know what you liked about the episode. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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