Frequency 1×09 Review: Who’s in Your Corner?

Accurately named, “Gray Line,” Frequency’s fall finale showed lines blurred between right and wrong, as well as introduced what would come next.

We also found out who the Nightingale Killer was, but was it everything we hoped for?


In 2016 Meghan escapes the hospital and calls the station from a pay phone (uh, are those actually still around?). She’s then patched through to Raimy, and as she’s telling Raimy her location, she looks off into the distance horrified. One can only assume that someone got there. Is it her stepfather? Is it the Nightingale Killer? Are they two in the same?

Raimy gets there, but it’s too late… Meghan is nowhere to be found. Raimy runs home quickly to inform Frank of what’s been going on. Now, it’s Frank’s turn to take over.

This is a dynamic that I’ve enjoyed this season. Frank and Raimy are a team. A well-oiled machine, if you want to get cliché. The more they work together, the better they are. It also has to do with the fact that as time progresses they’re becoming closer.

It’s a true testament to how far Raimy has come. That’s character growth for you.

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It’s been subtle, but it’s been there throughout the last eight episodes. The Raimy we see in this episode is not the Raimy we saw in episode two. Raimy from episode two was cold hearted and demanding of Frank. He needed to do only what she wanted him to do. (And he did, because that’s what she needed.) At the same time, it’s been through her relationship with her dad that Raimy has made peace with the knowledge that things may not go back to the way they were. And there is growth in that, too.

When either Raimy or Frank can’t get anywhere with a lead, the other steps in to help. Of course, it mostly lands on Frank, because he’s the one living in the past and can actually change what will happen in the present day.

Raimy gives Frank the task to find Meghan in 1996. Let’s just say, Meghan looked so different from 2016 that it just threw me off a lot. The Meghan we see now is jumpy, disheveled, and paranoid. The Meghan we meet in 1996 is so well put together. It really makes the viewer wonder, what exactly has the Deacon put her through in the last 20 years? You can’t help but feel bad for her.

Also, apparently Meghan’s mother and brother are nowhere to be found. That’s another clue at something not being right within that family.

In 1996, Frank finds Meghan at a record store and although at first reluctant, she reveals that the Deacon has been abusive towards her family. Meghan reveals to Frank that the reason she had cut herself and walked up to the prayer sesh, was to bring attention to the situation. Delving further into the creepiness, Meghan mentions the fact that after she had been put into a mental hospital, her mother stopped coming… and then her brother stopped coming. She believes her stepfather had something to do with their disappearances.

1994 Meghan’s revelations create an intense atmosphere around the show, where you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next? Is this more clues that her stepfather is the Nightingale Killer? Or is he just some awful human being?

But then, Meghan reveals that her mom was an RN.

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If that doesn’t dig Mr. Hurley into a grave labeled “Nightingale Killer,” I don’t know what does. The intensity of the episode spikes up and as my adrenaline level goes up, I just want more.

Frank reports back to Raimy what he learned, which only convinces Raimy that the Deacon is the Nightingale Killer. Frank doesn’t want to go there completely until they have enough evidence, because—as he notes—they’re planning on killing the Nightingale Killer. For Frank, he needs to be sure that he’s killing the right person. If I was in that same situation, I’d probably like to make sure it was the correct person.

Even though Frank brings up the fact that he’s going to have to kill Nightingale, he’s hesitant. He hasn’t been on board with the idea completely, because it’s not who he is as a cop. However he’s going along with it, because it’s his daughter asking him. He knows how much she needs her mother in the future.

Back in present day, the Deacon comes into the precinct to complain about the cops digging into his life. There, Satch and Raimy grill him about where he was the previous day when Meghan went missing. He adamantly denies any involvement giving an alibi, and you almost want to believe him. Except, he’s very defensive. Why would he be so defensive if he wasn’t involved somehow? His facial expression doesn’t scream, “upset.” It says, “pissed off.” With Satch and Raimy to charge him for anything, the Deacon leaves. Did they just let the killer go? Because all signs keep pointing to the Deacon.

Raimy goes to find a lead on her own, which we then find out is the Deacon’s house. Satch tells her not to go into the house, but does Raimy listen? That’s a big fat NO.

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Of course she goes into the creepy house at night, because why wouldn’t she. They went into the freaking creepy cabin in the woods at night a couple of episodes ago. This is turning out exactly like a horror movie. You want to scream out, “Don’t go in! Wait for back up!,” but you know it’s useless. Predictability aside, the suspense of Raimy going into the house did have my heart racing. What would she find? Why are all the lights off? And, why wouldn’t she turn her phone on silent, before entering the house! Because of course Satch calls her at that moment to warn her.

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Might as well have a sign saying, “Hey potential serial killer, I’m right here!”

Since Raimy doesn’t pick up the phone, Satch leaves a message letting her know that the Deacon’s wife isn’t the real wife.

1x09 Review

Satch tells her that it’s been someone else cashing in Megan’s mom’s checks posing as her. Oh, and he tells her to not approach the Deacon alone… but, it’s a little late for that.

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He does mention that PD is on its way, but let’s get real. They’re not going to be there on time.

The fight that ensues between the Deacon and Raimy is one of my favorite parts of the episode. It had my heart racing and I how I wish it would’ve lasted longer. Sadly, the Deacon managed to escape.

The first time I watched the episode, this wasn’t enough to convince me that the Deacon was the Nightingale Killer. The reveal was quite anticlimactic. It left me feeling a little disappointed, to be honest.

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I felt like there could’ve been more suspense to the reveal. They spent so much time building it up the first few episodes; especially in episodes where they only showed partial shots of the Nightingale. Thought there would have been more.

I mean, I just really wanted a shot of the camera panning out as he’s looking over a victim. Really wanted that, but you can’t always get what you want.

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The first time I watched it, I didn’t realize the body in the duffle bag had its hands tied with a rosary. It wasn’t until Raimy made a comment that I went back to watch the scene again and sure enough, the body had a rosary around its hands. Raimy confirms it at the end of the episode that the body is in fact Christa’s.

So, where does our dynamic duo go from here? Keep reading to find out!


Yup, Stan deserves his own section. He’s officially become the ghost that Frank cannot escape. He’s a constant reminder of everything that Frank had to do while he was undercover, for a stint that was meant to kill him. Frank’s vendetta against Stan goes further than that though. He expressed his anger to Satch. Satch accused this behavior being a result from Miracella showing up, and Frank shuts it down immediately saying, “It’s not about her.”

At the root of it, because of this undercover stint, Frank was away from his family for 2 years. 2 years. And, it was all for nothing. Everything that he did was for nothing. That’s the conclusion that Frank has come to and why he’s so set on making sure he brings Stan down. This is all very understandable. We haven’t been shown the extent of what exactly Frank did while undercover, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t tame. I can’t imagine going through all of that thinking you were being a hero, only to find out at the end that you were just a pawn. And, that because of this, you missed out on your family’s life. Frank feels betrayed by someone he trusted.

After last week’s episode where Julie told Frank everything she had to do to take care of Raimy on her own, he feels even more desperate to bring Stan down. Because then all the time that he spent away will have been for something, other than being a piece in someone else’s plan.

Stan reminds him of this during the stakeout gone wrong. Frank lets him know the attack at Miracella’s home was actually caused by her, in order to get Frank on her side. Apparently Miracella is trying to become Little Ricky. Stan tells him to be mindful of where his loyalty lies, because it could have troubling effects for him. If that isn’t a threat, then I don’t know what is. It really doesn’t surprise me that he would threaten Frank, yet again. He’s been doing it quite often since Frank survived in the pilot. This conversation upsets Frank, but what really shakes him up, is the conversation he has with Satch.

“You’re set on blowing up your career. I can’t go down with you.”

It helps put into perspective what Frank needs to do. What choices he needs to make. So, he goes to Julie for comfort. (More on that in a bit.)

Although Stan is obviously an awful man, I do thin Frank should take a beat to think things through. At the end of the day, Stan Moreno is a powerful man. He does need to be taken down, but it needs to be done carefully. We still have four episodes until the season finale; let’s see if Frank will be able to take down the man that is Stan Moreno.

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It finally happened. Jules and Frank hooked up.

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It’s everything I’ve ever wanted… well, for the two of them. After his conversation with Satch, Frank goes to see Julie. This simple act speaks a lot about whom he goes to when he’s feeling down. Julie offers him comfort when he needs it, because one thing that’s been reassured throughout the season is that she’s constant. He says as much when he opens up to her. He acknowledges his faults over the last couple of years, while he was away. It’s a continuation from the previous episode’s honest conversation between the two. This acts as the last element in them beginning to rebuild their relationship. Where in the previous episode Julie was laying herself bare and raw, this episode finds Frank doing the same thing. They’re laying everything out on the table and now they can begin to move forward. They can begin to rebuild their relationship again.

We’ll handle it.

Julie makes the promise that they’re in this together. And that is so beautiful.

It’s this resolution that leads to Frank’s new way of thinking when it comes to the Nightingale Killer. Where three episodes before Frank struggled with the idea of killing the Nightingale, he is now resolved and determined to do so. Having Julie back has made him more determined than ever.


Raimy finally got her man, and was able to spend some well-earned quality time with him.

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Raimy and Daniel were finally together, and it felt like what should’ve been was finding its way back. After a really touching moment, where Raimy orders Daniel’s favorite foods and Daniel talks about having his walls down around her, it’s revealed that he has a girlfriend!

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Sorry, I mean fiancée. I had a feeling this was going to happen, and I made note of it in my last review. But in that moment, you can’t help but feel for Raimy. She spent the last few episodes believing in kismet; believing that Daniel kept showing up in her day-to-day life for a reason. Daniel continuing to appear regularly, was like a sign to Raimy that they are meant to be together. She had found some happiness, amongst the sadness she has endured the last couple months, but now, now she’s back at square one. She doesn’t have the man that she loves, and he has a fiancée that is not her.

My heart broke for Raimy in that elevator scene where she sees the engagement ring originally meant for her, on the girl’s finger. It’s a heavy moment that Peyton List handles well. The transition into black at the end of the scene is an accurate description for what Raimy feels at that moment. Her heart is breaking again. The dream that she once again saw a rebuild of, is broken.

The cut at the end of the scene allows one to take a breath, because it’s an emotional scene that requires you to do so in order to be able to handle it. If you have a heart, it’s breaking alongside Raimy’s. At that point, there’s really nothing else to say. There’s no sappy song that can make the heartbreak better. But, Raimy ever the troop, continues with the case. She puts her own emotional issues aside in order to get back on track with finding Nightingale. And that makes her such a badass female character. It makes her a real person.

Daniel later shows up and they both talk about what’s happened. Daniel tells her that what he’s feeling for her scares him. And it’s completely understandable. Raimy is a stranger to him. Even though we know the back-story, Daniel doesn’t. He’s in place where he finds himself constantly thinking about the crazy girl who showed up at dinner with his parents… and current girlfriend/fiancée. If I were in his shoes, I’d probably be freaking out wondering what was wrong with me.

Then Daniel let’s her know he’s going to break it off with what’s-her-name. Wait, does she have a name?

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Oh, yes. Now I remember. It’s Claire. Well, it was nice knowing you, Claire. Buh-bye now.

Back to the topic. Although initially it appears as if Raimy is pushing Daniel away, Raimy chooses him. She pulls him in for a kiss that quickly escalates into more—as in more sex.

Seems like these two are back on the right track.


That montage of Frank and Julie hooking up, and then Raimy and Daniel hooking up was all kinds of awkward.

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It creeped me out to no end. Dear Frequency Writers, please never do that again. Okay?


  • I wasn’t quite sure the Deacon had kidnapped Megan, but after watching the episode a second time, I caught Megan’s hospital wristband. So, she was definitely taken by him. (Although, now that I look at it, the picture is pretty dark. Make sure to brighten your screen.)

1x09 Review

  • To whoever writes Gordo’s lines… bless you, just bless you. “Can I date Mosbey? Purely sexual.” Oh, gosh. This was great.
  • I’m really starting to wonder about Stan and Satch’s relationship. We had that one episode earlier in the season where
  • I want to see more of Gordo’s emotional side. We got to see a bit of it when he helped plan Julie’s memorial, but I want to see more. Maybe Raimy can come to him and just cry on his shoulder. They could spend the night watching movies, and Raimy just confides in him everything that’s been happening in her life the last couple of months.
  • “I’ve got a Stan situation.” I’m going to start using this for when anything effed up happens in my life.
  • I was very happy about a Phantogram song playing in the episode. I keep loving the music choices.

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Frequency will be back Wednesday, January 4th, at 9/8c on The CW.

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