Frequency 1×10 Review: Planning a Murder

Frequency was back tonight with a new episode… and man, oh man. It was a big episode. Picking up from the previous episode, the hour was centered around Frank and Raimy’s plan to kill the Deacon/Nightingale Killer.


Seriously. That’s is an appropriate title for the episode. Frank and Raimy spent some serious time going over how to kill the Deacon—AKA the Nightingale Killer—and make it look like he just skipped town. I had to take a pause, because it was freaking weird.

1x10 Review

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I was all for Frank killing the Nightingale the last few episodes, but seeing them planning it out so carefully really made me pause. In the situation presented, it just didn’t seem appropriate.

It’s interesting how much the mood changes from it being talked about a little, to the actual planning and execution of it. Like seeing Frank buying supplies for the kidnapping. Also, seeing Frank dig the grave. Frankly, it was disturbing. And I may be wrong—many times I am—but I feel this was the writers’ intention. Why else would they have dedicated so much time showing these moments? They could’ve easily glossed over it and not shown everything that went into it. But they did.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

This is a common phrase, and it was exemplified in tonight’s episode. Is it justifiable for Frank to kill the Deacon, because he’s a serial killer? In this setting, I don’t; but in a setting where Frank is fighting for his life, yes. And, isn’t that interesting, too? The fact that whether something is right or wrong can change depending on the situation.

While Frank prepared himself for his kill, Raimy listened to tapes of Meghan revealing what her family went through. I am horrified that they went through so much abuse. I’m even more horrified by the fact no one did anything about it. No one believed her. This is one of the reasons victims of abuse don’t speak up. If people don’t believe those who’ve spoken out, who’s going to believe them? It’s an awful situation.

In present day, the Deacon is on the run and is holding Meghan captive. He disguises himself, but it’s not that good. He dyed his hair blond and threw on some glasses. Seems like someone took lessons on disguise from Clark Kent. While at a convenience store, a cop looked like he thought him suspicious. I really thought for a second he would recognize him and let other cops know on the DL. But, it didn’t happen.

1x10 Review

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I just don’t understand. Meghan was the one to come through at the end, stealing the phone the Deacon purchased at the gas station, to call the police and let them know where she was. When Satch called Raimy and told her about the call, I thought maybe the Deacon was messing with her and used Meghan as bait. But, it turned out Meghan had called without the Deacon’s knowledge.

Once at the location, a shoot out ensued, where Raimy found herself going after Nightingale himself. Raimy was alone with the Deacon, and he surrendered (at least he looked like he was). But, all of her anger and frustration boiled to the top and she shot him.

Raimy killed the Nightingale Killer. She did it thinking that her dad was going to kill him in past time. Which is why she said it didn’t matter. She had this mentality the entire episode that Frank was going to kill the Deacon, and everything would be fine. For this reason, she no longer had to care about what she did. A classic case of senioritis. However, she screwed herself over, because her dad very obviously did not complete his mission. One question I was left with now is, what’s going to happen to Raimy?

Another question is also, what is going to happen with the Nightingale? Frank finally had him in the back of his trunk, but was ran over by another car. Seriously, this is why laws against texting and driving were created. Also, Frank has the worst luck. He just wanted to kill a serial killer. Why does everything have to be so hard?

The good news is that Frank doesn’t appear to be too badly damaged. Bad news is the Deacon got away. The promo for next week’s episode shows him talking to Raimy through the radio, so they can’t be in too much trouble. However, now that Frank kidnapped the Deacon, will that make Julie even more of a target? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out!


  • Satch and Frank are fighting… and that’s just not right. It’s not. I need this brotp to make up.
  • Getting to see Baby Gordo was great. It was made even better by the fact that he and his dad ran into Frank while he was buying his murdering supplies.
  • Speaking of Gordo, that was some beautiful scenes, showing the broken relationship he has with his father. There wasn’t much of a resolution there, so hopefully we can come back to that before the season is over.
  • Shout out to all the stay at home dads! I enjoyed the fact that Gordo is a stay at home dad. Still really want to see Gordo’s family on camera. Especially now that we’ve seen his dad. Come on writers!
  • Is it just me, or are the intros very long?
  • Frank and Julie. The two of them together made me happy. Julie wants to take it slow, but I don’t have time for that and really, neither does she. So, she should just let Frank live at her house. Also, “we were having a sleepover.” That line made me laugh.
  • Raimy told Daniel to wait on telling the girlfriend/fiancé about the break up. What in the world? I get that it was because she figured the timeline would be changed once Frank killed the Deacon, but… that… didn’t … happen. Also, she killed Kyle Mosbey, for the same reason. So, what’s going to happen now? I can definitely see a scene where both Kyle and Daniel show up at the station to help Raimy out, only to find out about one another. It is just not looking good for Raimy on all accounts.
  • Meghan is dead and I feel sad about it. She deserved more.

What were your thoughts on the episode?

Frequency airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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