Frequency 1×11 Review: Go with Plan B

We’re getting closer and closer to the season finale of Frequency, and each episode is getting more intense. This week’s episode was no exception with new twists leaving you to wonder, what the heck is going on?!

1x11 Review

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As we previously saw in the last episode, Frank did not succeed in killing the Nightingale Killer. He failed… pretty badly.

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I don’t even like Kobe, but this gif is appropriate.

Frank had the worst luck in trying to kill someone. As we saw, Frank was hit by another vehicle, causing him to pass out momentarily, which allowed the Deacon to escape. Of course, this had to be witnessed by the guy who hit him. What I don’t understand is why did the police believe the man who was drunk and stated he had hit someone—then took off?

Frank was really off the hinges in this episode. Then again, so would I if the person I had attempted to kill had escaped, and then my car that was used for the kidnapping was my employer’s vehicle. (I mean, seriously Frank?!) It really seemed like Frank had dug himself a hole. However, Julie came to his rescue and switched out his car with one like it, so he wouldn’t get into trouble. Which was great because Satch was on a witch hunt this episode. Why? Satch’s reasoning was that he wanted to fix things between himself and Frank.

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No. That’s not the way you repair a friendship Satch. Thankfully, this was resolved by the end of the episode. Satch revealed that Stan Moreno had covered for him when he accidentally killed someone. I’m saying accidentally, but it did not look intentional. Thinking about it now, I can see how Stan could have used Satch being distraught against him. Which is awful, but fits with who we’ve come to know Stan Moreno as. While Stan was on the backburner in this episode, I really hope that we’ll tie up loose ends with his story. Mainly with him getting caught for the fraud he is. I’m counting on you writers. Don’t fail me now.

Frank then attempted to kill the Nightingale a second time. Hiding out in the Deacon’s home. However, some lady (Doris, I believe) stopped by to talk to the Deacon; stopping Frank’s plan. The Deacon’s body language showed that he knew something was off, and Kenneth Mitchell did a great job at showing this. That was why he invited the lady in. He could tell something was off. I’m giving this to his serial killer senses. I mean, if you’re constantly hiding out in people’s homes waiting for them to arrive so you can kill them, you have to have learned some tricks to being aware of your surroundings.

I have to say that I’m kind of glad that this stopped Frank. The first time around, Frank was able to use the element of surprise and that helped him catch the Nightingale. However, this time around the Deacon knew there was someone going after him. He has to be much more aware of what’s going on now, than before. Would Frank have survived catching a serial killer this time around? I really don’t know.



Um, let’s take a quick moment to talk about the butterfly effects in this episode. Because it left me with a BIG WTF.

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Honestly, I did not see that coming. Sometimes I’m good about calling when something is going to happen, but I did not see this coming. Of course, I’m talking about the fact that in present day the Deacon was dead, THEN he wasn’t.


I mean, SERIOUSLY. (All caps are required for this.) The reason this change was so shocking, was because we received no warning about it happening. Raimy explained afterwards why the Deacon was never I.D.’d as the Nightingale Killer. The Deacon moved his wife’s body from the wall once he realized he’d be on the police’s radar for the stolen money from the church. And this was the catalyst. The positive thing that came from this was Raimy no longer being under investigation. However, what does this mean for the future? What can we expect from the Nightingale Killer? Will he still kill Julie?

There are so many questions and possibilities, but only two episodes left. How in the world are they going to close it out? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. I’m looking forward to it!



I thought my family was messed up, but I’m starting to think the Deacon, Meghan, and her brother (whom l lovingly dubbed “The Nightingale Family”), take the cake. (Sadly, there’s no actual cake.)

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Was anybody else left wondering what in the world was happening when Meghan’s brother turned up alive? Although, with the ending we saw there is still a chance we find him dead next episode. When Raimy showed up to the cabin and started searching, I honestly believed it was a trap for her. Obviously I was wrong.



The interactions between Frank and Julie were my favorite part of the episode. They’re getting to the place where I’ve wanted them to be for a long time. Looking back to the moment in the garage, Frank was completely distraught, but Julie grounded him. I was momentarily upset by the idea that Frank would lie to her. It was a good few seconds where the writers had you wondering if he would tell her the truth or not. Thankfully, Frank told her the truth. This is very important, because they had just set the slate clean. They had laid out all of their issues. If Frank had lied, it would have been a huge step back.

What I really loved about this, was this showing how strong they can truly be together. Relationships are meant to be partnerships. That’s exactly what Frank and Julie showed in this episode. Frank was honest with Julie. He told her exactly what he had done and what he was planning to do. Julie warned him, telling him what she needed to. She told him to really think about what this would do to him, but then stopped there. Julie told him her thoughts, and that was it. Julie supported him, even though she didn’t necessarily agree with him. She didn’t hold it against him. Julie only showed him that she was there for him. That’s the beauty of this relationship. They’re becoming true #RelationshipGoals.



  • You know that song, “Let Me Love You,” by DJ Snake with Justin Bieber on vocals? I feel like that song was appropriate for Gordo tonight when it comes to Raimy. She kind of pushes him away a lot, and he just wants to be her best friend. Just let him love you, Raimy!
  • Daniel actually broke up his engagement with what’s-her-name. Color me impressed.
  • Detective Mosbey was in the episode, helping Raimy. Is there hope for them? ‘Cause you know, they were kissing in the last episode.


Frequency airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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