Frequency 1×12 Review: The Real Nightingale?

An alternate title for this could’ve been, “Confusion, confusion everywhere.” I thought last week’s episode was insane tied with a big WTF, and I was wrong. This episode completely obliterated last week’s episode.

Now we only have one more episode left of this season. Excuse me while I break out the tissues.

1X12 review

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Of course Raimy would be difficult when it comes to finding answers. As she has someone bleeding out in her backseat, she stops the car to ask Robbie questions. Who does that? Apparently Raimy, that’s who.

Meghan pleads with her to go to the hospital. Thankfully she listens and drives them there. At the hospital she presses Robbie—who now goes by Chris? Because he’s been hiding from his stepfather—about the Deacon. He reveals that he was in the home when the Deacon killed his mom. And, he helped him with a ritual to bless her as she made her way into the afterlife. Honestly, it’s freaking twisted. But then again, what could you expect from a serial killer?

Back at Raimy’s house, she spends some time talking with Frank. Raimy is getting desperate once again. This is not the Raimy we want at this point in the season. I get why. They’re so close to catching the Nightingale and saving her mom, but it’s also not the time to make mistakes. She’s pushing again and I don’t see it ending up well.

After their conversation, Raimy receives a call from one Meghan… actually, what’s her last name? Any-who, Meghan gives her a clue!

frequency 1x12 review

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Are you excited? You should be. Meghan let’s her know that the Deacon used to beat her and her brother in a shed by the cabin. And bingo, Raimy and Satch find treasure. While she was hoping to find the Deacon’s wife’s body, she instead gets a box with souvenirs from all of the Nightingale’s victims—including Julie. In that moment, you can see Raimy’s anger and pain wanting to take over, but she calms herself down as much as she can. I do hope she sticks with this, since last time she killed the Nightingale Killer and dug herself into trouble.

Another thing, I’m really glad that the writers had them confirming the Deacon to be the Nightingale Killer a different way. It gives us more insight into who the Nightingale Killer is. Also, if they‘d found the wife’s body it would’ve been repetitive.

Raimy has her go with the Deacon, as had been promised. He stays silent and doesn’t reveal where the body is. The thing that immediately got my attention was the sincerity in his voice when he was talking to her. His entire demeanor changed. It was jarring up until the last minute.



Gordo shows up once again at Raimy’s doorstep. He reveals something to the viewer that we didn’t know before. Julie was abducted while on her way to pick him up from band practice. Due to this, Gordo feels guilty. My heart just goes out to Gordo. Especially to little Gordo, because that is not the type of guilt a child should have. Feeling like you’re the reason you’re best friend no longer has a mom. Raimy does the right thing by letting Gordo know that it wasn’t his fault, but does admit some negative thoughts she’d had earlier that day.

“And there I am, with my whole wheat peanut butter sandwich and apple slices, wishing I had anyone’s mom but mine. When I came home, I didn’t have a mom at all.”

It’s still so interesting to me that present day Raimy is able to remember the pain of her mom being abducted, when they’re just memories. They’re the result of the timeline changing.

On another side of town, we get a cop who quickly identifies the Deacon as the Nightingale Killer at a convenience store. I really thought we were going to get another cop not recognizing him, but it was played well.



We immediately get to see Frank with the Deacon in the interrogation room. Frank goes after him, and tells him that he knows who he is in order to intimate him. Frank wants to get into his head, so he can bring him down. But really, when you’re talking to a serial killer can you really get into their head? Someone who thinks he’s “saving” people by killing them, already has warped thinking. It’s not going to be easy to intimate them. Take a look at the BTK Killer. When he was caught, he was chatting about his crimes with police, feeding his ego. He even asked the police to “put BTK on the lid.” You really can’t make sense with them.

As soon as that guy told Stan that Frank had cut the audio to the interrogation room, I knew it was trouble. Not smart, Frank. Not smart.

Effing Stan Moreno. He’s a freaking thorn in my side. I need him brought down. The day that Stan Moreno goes down, I will dance gleefully. Gosh. Anthony Ruvivar knows how to play the villain very well, but I just need Stan out of the picture.

frequency 1x12 review

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When Frank returns to the precinct, he finds the Deacon gone, having accused him of abusing him. Stan antagonizes Frank, by letting him know that it looks suspicious that Frank turned off the mic and then the Deacon wound up hurt.

At this point, I just need someone to punch Stan in the face. Seriously. Any takers? I’ll take anyone as long as they can make it good. Please? I’m just done with him. I’m tired of his crap and I’m of him continuing to bring people under his control. I cannot stress this enough: I just really hope the writers give him a justified ending. With everyone getting justice for what he’s done to them.

Frank goes to Satch for help. He’s honest with him about having kidnapped the Deacon, because he believes him to be the Nightingale Killer. I’m glad Frank told Satch about this. Telling people will only bring him allies, and right now Frank could use some of those if he wants to stop the Nightingale. Although, I’m still hoping for him or Raimy to let someone else know about the fact they can communicate with one another. But, maybe that’s wishing for too much.

Frank is able to find Robbie and reunite Meghan with him, but he immediately runs away.

Frequency 1x12 Review

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This happens after Frank tells him that he knows the Deacon killed his mom. Now, in the present storyline, he talked pretty easily about the murder, but now he’s not? I knew there was something fishy going on there, but it wasn’t revealed until the last few seconds.


Or at least he’s the one who’s been stalking Julie. That one came out of nowhere. They managed to surprise me again. I was not expecting that. I had expected the Deacon to be a red herring, because that reveal was too predictable. There was no shock factor to it. And, for a TV show that has so far been about shock and surprise, it was unanticipated. This reveal made me giddy at what the final episode will bring us.



At first, there were no signs of any changes. But, after hearing some noise downstairs, Raimy finds her mom. Alive and well in present day. It’s a very touching moment between Raimy and her mom. Julie is taken by surprise since she just saw her “an hour ago,” but to Raimy it’s her reunion with her mom.

However, in the past timeline, we did see Robbie’s closet full with pictures of Julie. So, is she completely safe yet? Especially since he was invited into her home?



  • “You know, you’re the only person over twelve who has a reliable supply of peanut butter puffies. Plus, I had to get a way from my dad.” Bummer they’re still experiencing issues. Gordo just wants the love and support of his dad, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?
  • Also, Gordo brings up the fact that Raimy is lonely. He points out the current status of her love life and the fact that he’s her only friend. On the topic of Gordo being her only friend, Gordo does most of the work. He’s the one that comes over to her house. He’s the one putting in the effort. I know this is due to Raimy trying to go back to the original timeline, but it’s rough for Gordo. It’s tough to be the only one in the friendship who tries to make it work. Here’s hoping this changes.
  • Frank and Julie keep showing the resilience of their relationship. He mentions that at this point he knows he keeps asking her to trust him, but asks her once more. So she does.
  • In the last few minutes of the show we see that Raimy is engaged, but we didn’t see to whom. Does this mean who her fiancé is will surprise us?


Catch Frequency’s season finale next Wednesday, January 25th, at 9/8c on The CW.

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