Frequency 1×13 Review: “Signal Loss”

Hold on a second, I’m still trying to calm my heart down from that heart attack Frequency wanted to give me.

Frequency 1x13 Review

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Okay. That was one hell of a season finale.

Frequency 1x13 Review

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Honestly, I feel really speechless right now. I can’t even put words together. That’s how you make a finale. The writers crafted the episode so well. For most of the episode, we had a sense of security. Everything was going well—too well, even.


While the Deacon—whom everyone believed to be the Nightingale Killer—sat in jail, the real killer was out. However, Frank and Raimy didn’t know that. So, naturally, they celebrated their victory.

“That means we won.”

This moment was so sweet. There were a lot of those in this episode, but this one specifically was great. Raimy told her dad of all the changes that had occurred; her engagement and Julie becoming a doctor. Frank celebrated with her in that moment. You can see from the expression on his face that he’s excited and happy. He makes note of saying this has been what he’s wanted. They take in a few minutes to bask in their success, before they continue on… or get derailed by a red truck.

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When Raimy is on her way to visit her mom in the hospital, she catches sight of that damn red truck. (I really hate this truck. I hope that I never meet anyone with one like it.) Naturally she can’t let this go, so she investigates. She remembers from the previous timeline that the truck belonged to Doris… I forgot her last name. Whoops. When she goes to investigate, she finds Robbie. You know, the real Nightingale Killer. Things finally start adding up for her and she realizes their mistake. So of course, Raimy being Raimy, she goes to Frank to tell him what she knows.

He, of course being the awesome dad he’s become, let’s her know that he’ll go talk to Robbie and Meghan, to make sure everything is okay. When Frank talks to them, he says he wants to go over what they’ll say in court for the Deacon. After he leaves, an important conversation happens between the siblings.

“He’s not a monster. I’m not a monster.”

I didn’t think Robbie would reveal to Meghan he was the Nightingale Killer. It’s weird—but not surprising—to think Robbie would have remorse over the Deacon going to jail for him, but not killing people. That’s not normal human brain logic, that’s serial killer logic. Robbie goes further to try to normalize his point of view. He’s convinced he’s in the right, that he can’t see anything else. So when Meghan starts to question him, he attacks and… kills her.

I don’t think this was intentional, but instead came from Meghan rejecting him after he had revealed his secret. I had hoped for Meghan to receive a better ending than this, but here we are.

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Robbie called Frank to go over because of what had happened with Meghan. Initially Robbie did sound remorseful, but then little Raimy made a comment about the spare key missing.

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Of course it was a trap. With Frank gone, Robbie made his way to the Sullivan household… and then my heart started racing. The next few minutes were full of the unknown, and Frequency really knew how to ramp up the suspense. The majority of the episode gave the audience a false sense security, only to leave it us wondering exactly how it was going to end.

A highlight in the episode was getting to see Raimy talk through the ham radio to the peeps from the past. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for all season long, and even though it was in a moment of duress, it was nice to see it. This helped to serve as a distraction to Robbie, while Frank returned to the house. Luckily, Satch arrived right in the nick of time (out of nowhere) and was able to save the day by crashing into the Nightingale’s truck as he was taking Julie away—after Frank had failed a stopping him. And, as excited as I was at the fact Julie was saved, the last few minutes really left me feeling…

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After the emotional roller coaster we got to see a beautiful reunion between Frank, Julie, and little Raimy.

While everything appears to be wrapped up, at the end of the episode in the present day we see a man walking his dog down the street during the engagement party. As the camera zooms in we see that person is Robbie AKA the Nightingale Killer, and the look on his face shows us he’s not happy.


In the opening scene, we got to see the reunion between Raimy and Julie—who’s been saved! It was sweet and everything we’ve wanted. Also, a lot of tears from Raimy… Honestly, I probably would’ve done the same. We found out Julie became a doctor and Gordo became a lawyer, like his dad. I had a difficult time watching Gordo in a suit, because it just doesn’t fit his personality. I hope that was just a momentary thing, because I actually really enjoy stay-at-home dad, Gordo. It was also weird for Raimy who commented on it right away.

The entire episode, Raimy kept taking in everything around her, because she wasn’t used to it anymore. Even though this was the life she had spent so much time fighting for, you could see that she still had the fear that it would all go away in a blink of an eye. Which considering Julie’s life was still in danger in 1996, this fear was very accurate. However, upon walking into the house, Raimy found her mom sitting on the couch alongside her fiancé and friends watching a video.


We also got to see Raimy happy and engaged to Daniel, although it wasn’t the main focus of the episode. Really, there was too much going on, so it makes sense. But, something that was brought up was Daniel asking Raimy whom she has been speaking to for the last few months on the Ham radio. Daniel does bring up the fact she had mentioned it was her dead father, but he kind of didn’t know where to go from there. This was the perfect moment for Raimy to be honest with her soon-to-be husband and let him know that it was her dad. It would’ve been the perfect time for Raimy to introduce Daniel to her dad. It would really be her only chance to do so, especially now that the radio is broken. Thanks a lot, Robbie.

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Raimy did ask Daniel to believe in her and he did, but that is not fair. She should’ve been honest with him. I really don’t think that Daniel would’ve thought differently of her. Considering the way he spoke to her. He was soft and kind. That doesn’t sound like the type of person who will commit you to the psych ward, because you’re talking to your dead father. This is something that would’ve strengthened their relationship. Also, the radio is now broken so she has to move on from it anyway. It’s the perfect close to this chapter and the conversation between the two of them could’ve gone better. But, it wasn’t even really focus of this episode.


While discussing the fact they caught the wrong guy, Frank brought up a good point. They completed their mission and were able to save Julie. So, did they need to continue communicating? Frank was ready to tell her good-bye, but Raimy really didn’t know how to react. She struggled with the concept of not having him in her life anymore. Looking back at the first few episodes of the season, the difference in attitude is like day and night. She started out the season not trusting him, but knowing he was her only way to save her mom.

Raimy would order him around to her needs, and really pushed him. But, now that she’s built this relationship with him, she doesn’t know how to say good-bye. She doesn’t know how to let go. All things went back to how they were supposed to be, but she still doesn’t have her dad. You can tell how much she wishes her dad were there in the present when she tells Frank that he still died in a car accident. There’s so much sadness in her voice, because even though she has what she wants, she doesn’t really have everything she wants. Really, I want Frank in the present, too. So neither of us are getting what we want.

Another interesting thought that came to mind. Raimy spent so much time on this case, attempting to save her mom, but now that it’s over, it really looked like Raimy didn’t know what to do with herself. Sometimes, when you invest so much of yourself into something, it’s difficult to go back. It’s like she didn’t know who she was now that the mission was over. Yeah, she was taking in a lot of the changes that had occurred, but was she really celebrating along with everyone? She was more of an observer, than really enjoying her engagement party with her friends and family. It wasn’t until the last bit, when everyone was watching the video, that she allowed herself to truly enjoy it.


  • Did Gordo’s dad really died? What are the repercussions of that? AND, did Raimy really just leave Gordo alone with his dad in the garage?
  • I was wondering why Miracella had come back, but it was only to shoot Stan. That was literally her only purpose, but of course it had to be right when he was actually going to do something good. He was about to have a redeeming quality, but no. She had to shoot him. His fate was left up in the air, so I guess we won’t know for a while if he survived.
  • What happened to Detective Kyle? Was he just not a part of the equation in this new timeline?

By the end of the hour, Frequency pretty much closed the storylines it presented at the beginning of the season.

The only questions I’m left with now are:

  • What happens to the Nightingale?
  • Since the ham radio was broken, will Raimy and Frank ever talk again?

And that’s it. The season is over. Make sure to binge watch Frequency when it’s added to Netflix on February 2nd.

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