Friends and Fans Wish Niall Horan a Happy 23rd Birthday

Directioners world wide are celebrating Niall Horan’s 23rd birthday today with well wishes and praises for their fav Irishman. But they arent the only ones, with Niall’s slew of famous friends, colleagues and band mates taking to social media to send him their wishes.

These are just a few!


Sass master from Doncaster Louis Tomlinson took to Instagram to show his love for the birthday boy and give us a little pic from his personal stash


1D band member, bassist, and all around good guy Sandy Beales thanked Nialler for being a great friend, and for attending his recent wedding to the lovely Shannon


Tour hair and makeup guru Lou Teasdale wished her HBD to the Horan with a little tease at his perverted side with her Instagram


Another band member, drummer Josh Devine showed us a Nialls playful side on Instagram wishing the ‘brother from another mother’ a great birthday


Band leader and keyboardist Jon Shone gets a little sappy with his ‘missing the tour family’ Instagram post, but we’re right there with him


Golf pal and charity cohort Justin Rose took to Twitter to wish the Nialler a HBD, with the trademark ‘legend’ remark


One Direction management home, and partner in Nialls golf management company MODEST! wished our fav Irishman a happy one on Twitter


Long time friend and rumored former flame Ellie Goulding went the Twitter route with her HBD wishes


And of course the day couldnt go by without Niall thanking everyone for the well wishes, and promising a little ‘messin’ in the future…a week long event, it would seem.

I am certain there will be many more posts, tweets and well wishes before the day comes to an end, but as of this evening these are just a sampling.

And we’ll give another… HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!


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