Fuck You, Victim Blaming & the Feminists Who Push It

Fuck You, Victim Blaming & the Feminists Who Push It

Nothing lights a fire under my ass to rage blog/write like a self proclaimed feminist telling women that they should be more careful and aware of their surrounding to avoid sexual assault.

I’m talking about Pamela Anderson.

During a BBC interview, the former Playboy model and activist decided to give her two cents about the #MeToo movement. A movement that is taking Hollywood by storm, in the form of perverts being kicked out into the open, revealing their true colors for the world to see, and many people FINALLY starting to believe women when they speak up.

Pamela Anderson flip flopped between talking about the benefits of such a movement while condemning it for just being a silly hashtag and spoke about how she avoided the “casting couch.” How? By smarts and common sense, of course. Better yet, oh because there is a better yet, ladies and gentleman, Anderson went on to put the blame of sexual assault on the shoulders of the victims and lamented on how such “accusations” could ruin the lives of men and women.

The only thing I can say to this kind of inane, self-absorbed drivel that is backed by inner misogyny, and in no way, shape, or form, the kind of feminism that protects, unites, and supports women and their rights, is…FUCK THAT NOISE!

Victim blaming rests sexual assault on the shoulders of the women (or men that have been assaulted because let’s not lie to each other and act like that doesn’t happen) that have been assaulted. The victim is the one harmed, injured, and the casualty of someone else trying to control the situation or the person themselves.

Women that have been sexually assaulted are in no way responsible for what happened to them. Ever. At all.

“Oh but they were drinking!” “They were wearing a short dress and high heels!”

“Oh but they knew what they were doing when they went into that hotel room!”

A woman that was out all night, partying it up & drinking with her friends, in a dress that she picked because she wanted to look fine as hell for HERSELF (I know, shocking that a woman would want to look in the mirror and go, “Damn. How you doing?) is never asking for it.

A woman who is just starting her acting career, doesn’t know the ropes, and is over the moon when she gets a call to visit a director that is only in town for a couple more days to check out a role, is never asking for it.

Victim blaming of this sort, that asks what the woman was wearing or where was she when this happened, is an argument as old as time that forgets one thing: the assailant, the rapist, the sexual harasser, the pervert, the uninvited guest into my house, my mind, and my body.

This way of thinking is dangerous and something that needs to be burned with fire from every corner of our minds. Women don’t ask to be violated. Women don’t ask to be harrassed.

And women shouldn’t be held accountable for the crime that was done to them by their family member, a stranger on the streets, or someone at work that you were sure was going to give you an opportunity.

A mindset like this stops victims from coming forward to report on the depraved freaks that touch their bodies without permission and rip their souls apart while they’re at it. It makes victims afraid of what their loved ones will say or how the public will react. It makes victims doubt themselves, what happened, and deny them the knowledge that they aren’t victims, they’re survivors.

So, fuck you, victim blaming. They’re survivors. Their strength is amazing. And it’s time they stop having to bear the burden of rapists’ actions.

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