‘Future Events’ tab sets 1D Fans into social media frenzy

2016 has felt like the longest year in history. If you are confused by this statement in any way, I direct your attention to the throngs of One Direction fans who have been twiddling their thumbs since their fav band took a hiatus at the end of 2015, leaving us all in a void of questionable existence without their presence.

Or maybe that is just me….anyway….

After a few weeks of drama in the social media realm (a hiatus doesn’t seem to put the rumor mongers and dramatics at bay) with court dates, pregnancy rumors and the like, fans were given a possible silver lining.

Despite numerous assurances that they would not be performing together for some time, and the fact that almost every one of them has signed a lucrative solo deal during this break, the official One Direction website put a ‘future events’ tab on their tour page.

*enter squeeing here*

Eagle eyed Directioners caught this little addition in no time, flooding Twitter and other social media with the exciting possibility that the band may be coming back together in the near future…or at least ‘nearer than we thought’ future.

It was a brief moment of elation, however, when the tab was later removed from the website. *enter frowny pout here* Now, was the tab added in error? Prematurely? Who knows.

All I know is that if they are coming back, I need to start saving…from experience, $3 isnt enough for tickets and merch, and my bank account is a little pathetic.



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