Winter is Coming

‘Game of Thrones’ Releases Season 8 Pictures

Winter is here, and with it, come pictures.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is not set to premiere for a little over two months still, but HBO is finally, finally giving us something. Not much, but, at this point, considering how starved we are, it feels like a lot.

These are the people whose stories we’ve followed for so many years. This is the end. This is where we find out who lives, who dies, and who tells this story.

And we can’t wait:

What’s happening in the pictures? Cersei seems more alone than ever (and an alone Cersei is a dangerous Cersei), Jamie seems to have made it to the North, (and reunited with Brienne!), Jon and Daenerys are an unit (and theirs is the song of ice and fire), Bran looks pensive (or maybe that’s his usual face?), Arya looks ready to kick some ass (but then again, when doesn’t she?), and Sansa looks like a badass, (again, pretty much the norm lately).

How many days is that again? Can we get the season now?

What are your thoughts on the pictures? Come speculate with us in the comments!

Game of Thrones season 8 will premiere April 14th on HBO.

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