Geeky Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for the Coffee/Tea Lover

gifts for coffee/tea lover

I love holiday season. I have LOTS of problems with buying unnecessary things so holiday season is the perfect time for me to get some much needed retail therapy, only with purpose. Personally, I love buying gifts…except I’m not very good at it. Unless I know exactly what my friends want, I’m the worst at choosing gifts. But there’s one kind of friend that’s super easy to shop for…the coffee/tea lover.

We all have that coffee or tea addict in our lives–guaranteed! Maybe it’s your bestie, your boss, or your dad. Maybe it’s you (it’s totally me). Regardless of who you’re shopping for, here’s what they’ll love to get this year…

6Fox Tea Throw Pillow – $20

This is such a cute design that I’m basically in love! If I had tons of square pillows just waiting to be outfitted with quirky, story-of-my-life type covers, this would definitely be one of them! The best thing about this pillow is that the mug can pass for a tea or coffee mug!  Don’t like the pillow but love the design? Get it on a phone case, tote bag, or a travel mug.

1Bring Tea Socks – $11.75

love getting warm, cozy socks for Christmas! My feet always get super cold in the Winter (thanks, Canada!) so my favourite thing to do as soon as I get home is take off the socks I’ve been wearing all day and slip on some nice, thick socks. These are perfect as stocking stuffers because let’s face it, when you’re relaxing with your feet up on the table, the only thing that makes it even better is someone getting your tea for you.



MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker – $59.95

Um…wait a minute? An espresso maker that I can carry around with me and that won’t take up a whole lotta space on my work desk?! Yes please! This is the perfect gift for that espresso lover in our lives (pro tip: if you pair this puppy with a milk frother and a pound of coffee, you’re basically giving them the perfect gift to make lattes). Great for those of us who need our coffee fixes but also love traveling/camping!

Astrology Coffee Phone Case3 – $25+

Someone needs to buy this for me, stat (I may or may not be totally serious)! I have a lot of phone cases and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so perfect. It’s one of the most original coffee-inspired phone cases I’ve seen that accurately portrays the best things in life: coffee and stars.

9Don’t Speak! Coffee Mug – $14.87

Literally, the perfect mug for people who need coffee before they become a human being. Not only does it gives a very accurate picture of when people can come and talk to you in the morning (especially at work!), but it’s so cute and funny! Guaranteed to make your giftee laugh.

4Coffee Talk Art Print – $17.99+

Seriously, where is the lie in this? This print basically speaks for itself – no additional comment required.

5Coffee Transfusion Phone Case – $35+

Okay, this is perfect for the coffee lover in your life who’s also obsessed with Gilmore Girls. Coffee gives addicts life, okay? Might as well be up front about it! Also, as someone who owns two Society6 phone cases, trust me – they’re sturdy AF.

8Baby Nessie Tea Infuser – $13

OMG, BABY NESSIE! *inhumane screech* Literally, this is perfect for the friend who loves tea and also believes in Nessie. Loose leaf teas are all the rage these days, thanks to David’s Tea and Teavana, so this tea infuser will definitely be a great gift as a stocking stuffer!

2Cats, Books, Tea T-Shirt – $24

A shirt that describes the three priorities in your life? Um, yes please! Perfect for people who are obsessed with cats, book, and tea (duh!).

7Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box – $59.99

This is perfect for that tea lover who alternates between 10 different teas at any given moment and wants to organize their collection a little better. This chest box looks so elegant and classy – I love it! Plus, it stores up to 8 different kinds of teas!

Have you seen any other gifts that you think a coffee/tea lover would appreciate?

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