Geeky Gift Guides: 15 Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Let’s be honest, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for women, but that doesn’t mean that the feminist in your life is going to take things lying down. They may be facing a dark and rough 2017, but they are ready to fight.

Show your support and solidarity for the women that are fighting for equality. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with the feminist in your life.

1. A Subscription to Bitch Magazine

Bitch Media Subscription | Feminist Gift Guide

Feminist media is always a good gift for the feminist in your life. This holiday, gifting a subscription to Bitch Magazine. This reader-funded, non-profit magazine relies on their subscription and B-Hive memberships (recurring donations) to stay afloat. They deliver thoughtful and insightful journalism with a focus on intelligent reporting.

They also have special holiday packs for this time of year that inclde a copy of the magazine, books, and fun extras like stickers. Pictured here is the Outsmart the Patriarchy  Holiday Pack ($29).

PRICE: $24.95 for one year

2. “My Favorite F Word Is Feminism” Necklace

My Favorite F Word is Feminism Necklace | Feminist Gift Guide

A subtle statement, this necklace bears a simple quip about the wearer’s favorite F-word. This necklace is one inch around and handstamped on an 18″ silver-plated chain.

PRICE: $18.97

3. Solid Gold Feminist Pencil Set

Solid Gold Feminist Pencil Set | Feminist Gift Guide

Help the feminst in her life work on her master plan, or masterpiece, with these gold pencils. Each holds a little reminder of what your favorite feminist is working towards. She may need a reminder for self-care, or a little motivation to work towards justice.

PRICE: $8.95

4. “I’ll Just Be Drinking Coffee and Building an Empire” Mug

I'll Just Be Drinking my Coffee | Feminist Gift Guide

For the feminist who loves her coffee and drinks it in abundance, this mug will make a statement. While she’s working at her desk everyone will know that she’s silently preparing to rule to the world.

PRICE: $14.99

5. “Feminist With a To Do List” 

Feminist With a To Do List | Feminist Gift Guide

The feminist in your life probably has that one big goal that she is working towards. Something that she is striving for with all her might. Give her a hand with this to do list. Not only will she conquer every task asked of her #likeaboss but she’ll look smart doing it.

PRICE: $10

6.  On Wednesdays We Smash the Patriarchy T-Shirt

Smash the Patriarchy Shirt | Feminist Gift Guide

Your favorite Mean Girls meme married with a feminist statement. Who says that pink can’t be strong and powerful?  This shirt smashes that sentiment in two with an elegant font.

PRICE: $25

7. Votes for Women Enamel Pin

Votes for Women Enamel Pin | Feminist Gift Guide

A little reminder of the suffragettes, this enamel pin will be the perfect addition to a woman who works everyday to smash the patriarchy.

PRICE: $7.46

8. Feminist Agenda Wall Art

Feminist Agenda Wall Art | Feminist Gift Guide

Strong, independent women can often be accused of having an agenda. Karen Hallion has created a beautiful art print with strong women from several different fandoms.

The simply stated print has all of these women facing front, daring the viewer to ask them what their feminist agenda is.

PRICE: $30 for a 10 x 12 inch art print.

9. Smash the Patriarchy Necklace
Smash the Patriarchy Necklace | Feminist Gift Guide

A feminist still likes to be in style, and they will be with this understated handstamped necklace. A brass 1.5″ bar swings from a 18″ chain and a silver hammer accompanies the saying for an extra touch.

PRICE: $44

10. “I am Delibrate and Afraid of Nothing” Vinyl Sticker

Afraid of Nothing Sticker | Feminist Gift Guide

Stickers can be a powerful thing. Gift your favorite feminist a vinyl sticker with an inspiring saying to motivate them through everyday life. This sticker has a quote from Audre Lorde. Check out some other vinyl stickers with a similar aesthetic.

PRICE: $3.50

11. Nasty Lady Liberty Phone Case

Nasty Lady Liberty Phone Case | Feminist Gift Guide

Another gem from Karen Hallion. Her Nasty Lady Liberty artwork is the perfect gift for a feminist in 2016. It’s pictured here on a phone case but you can also get this art in a wide variety of products, including: t-shirts, mugs, and art prints.

PRICE: $35 for a slim iPhone 7 case

12. Feminist Rants Hoop Art

Feminist Rants Hoop Art | Feminist Gift Guide

For a woman that shows absolute passion, give them this piece of hoop art. Sure this might seem like a little old world and traditional, but the message, is pure 21st centurt feminist. And if you are giving it to a friend, you can share the solidarity in your feminism and your mutual feminist rants.

PRICE: $30

13. Make Herstory Onesie

Feminist Onesie | Feminist Gift Guide

For the little feminists on your list, this onesie is an adorable gift. Made to order, you can get the perfect size and color for the intended recipient.

PRICE: Starting at $19.99

14. The Unapologetically Me Sweatshirt

The Unapologetically Me Sweatshirt | Feminist Gift Guide

We love the idea behind the “Unapologetically Me” sweatshirt. The sweatshirt reads: “Your opinion of me does not define me. Your approval does not shape me. I love who I AM, just the way that I AM.”

PRICE: $31.99

15. #Feminism Candle

#Feminism Candle | Feminist Gift Guide

What better gift can you get a feminist than something that gives back to pro-women organizations? This 12 oz vegean soy candle comes in a variety of feminist themed scents and gives you the option to choose an organization to donate part of your purchase to.

You can choose from Planned Parenthood, Legal Voice, The Feminist Majority Foundation,  Distributing Dignity, and The Woman’s Refugee Commission.

PRICE: $16.99

Love these feminist gift ideas? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you will be giving the feminist in your life this holiday season.

And be sure to stay tuned for more Geeky Gift Guides coming in the next week.

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