Geeky Gift Guides: 20 Gift Ideas for the Marvel Fan

iron-man-captain-america-avengersChristmas is around the corner, and the sounds of wallets being emptyed can be heard all over the world. One of the toughest parts of Christmas shopping is trying to find that perfect gift for a special someone. Everyone has a particular fandom they like whether it be Sherlock, Doctor Who, or Supernatural. With Marvel currently dominating the film industry, comic book fans have started to emerge. And while you may not be able to get your friend Chris Evans for Christmas (and if you can, can I be your friend?), these fun Marvel items might suffice.

1. Infinity Gauntlet Handchain


Get all dolled up, Thanos Style! The Infinity Gauntlet handchain will help you take over the world.

2. Steve and Bucky BFF Bracelet


Are you a fan of Steven Rogers and Bucky Barnes? Get this bracelet for your partner in crime!

3. Captain America Mug


Every hero needs their cup of joe in the morning! This Captain America mug will surely spring you into action.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Buttons


Make your bag the most fashionable in the galaxy. These Guardian of the Galaxy pins feature some of the best quotes from the film.

5. Marvel Comic Scarf


Show your love for comics in a stylish way! This Marvel scarf features classic comic panels with your favorite heroes such as: Thor, Spider Man, and Hulk.

6. Jessica Jones Print


This dark purple print will look great on anyone’s wall.

7. Female Heroines Tshirt


Show the world how kickass female heroines are with this minimalist design.

8. Daredevil “Nelson and Murdoch’s” Shirt


Represent the most trusted law firm in Hell’s Kitchen with this fun Maroon tee.

9. Peggy Carter Shirt


This Peggy Carter shirt shows off a beautiful golden font and is perfect for any secret agent in training.

10. “On Your Left” t-shirt


Inspired by Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s a great way to show your gym buddies your love for the Marvel universe.

11. Baby Groot Necklace


Since 2012, we’ve fallen in love with Baby Groot. Now, you can have him with you at all times with this necklace.

12. “We are Groot” Poster


Do you want everyone to spontaneous burst into tears whenever they enter your home? Then you’ll want this poster that has Adult Groot’s last words on it.

13. Captain Marvel Ornament


Who doesn’t love a strong, muscular woman? This Captain Marvel ornament will be the perfect topper for any tree.

14. Black Panther Decal


Protect your computer with this Black Panther decal. It’s the perfect vibranium cover.

15. Rocket and Groot Earringsrocketearrings

These special handmade earring are a must have for any Guardians of the Galaxy fan!

16. Deadpool Earrings


These Deadpool earrings are hand sculpted from polymer clay and ship right away! It’s perfect for anyone who needs a gift at last minute.

17. Marvel Comic Skirt


Be the life of the party with this old school comic skirt.

18. Team Cap Shirt


This year, there was quite a divide between comic book fans; were you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Rep the Team Cap side with this adorable design and show support for Bucky Barnes!

19. Thor Candle


In case you ever wanted to know what Thor smelled like, this candle is for you. Spoiler alert: he smells like an Oak tree in a thunderstorm.

20. “Til the End of the Line” Bangle


For anyone with friendships as strong as Steve and Bucky’s, this bracelet is for you. You can customize it with your bestie’s initial and birthstone as well!

Yasmin is a Marvel Comics expert. She is an starving writer at: @screenrant @tyfofficial and @fangirlishness. #GALECA member