Geeky Gift Guides: 27 Gifts for the Potterhead in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life? We have your back with our Harry Potter Gift Guide. This guide inclues a little something for everyone, whether your favorite Potterhead is a photographer, knitter, loves to journal, or just loves to adorn their Christmas tree with geeky items.

Face it, the way to your favorite Potterhead’s heart is with one of these amazing gits.  2016 was a big year for fans of the Boy Who Lived, J.K. Rowling’s massive universe continued with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the play and script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, and Alan Rickman passed away in January.

In short, it’s been a wild year for fans of this large and expansive universe so give your favorite Harry Potter fan something to remember it by.

1. Harry Potter Charm Bracelet with Customizable Bangle

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet | Harry Potter Gift Guide

This charm bracelet features some of the most iconic symbols of the series. Add a personalized initial and your favorite Potterhead will have a gift that is truly unique to them.

2. Hogwarts House Scarf Camera Strap

Hogwarts House Camera Strap | Harry Poter Gift Guide

For the Potterhead who loves photography this Hogwarts house scarf camera strap is the perfect present. Select their Hogwarts House and they will have a constant reminder of the person who gave them this comfy and yet geeky camera strap.

3. Chamber of Secrets Quote Pillow

Chamber of Secrets Quote Pillow | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Try to tell us that you didn’t smile at least a little when Harry said this to his uncle during Chamber of Secrets! This pillow is the perfect, and perhaps a little ironic, gift for a Harry Potter fan.

4. Polyjuice Potion and “I Solemnly Swear” Wine Glass Set

Harry Potter Wine Glass Set | Harry Potter Gift Guide

For fans of a certain age, the Muggle World has its own version of magic potions. This set of glasses is the perfect gift for a grown up Harry Potter fan.

5. Golden Trio Magnetic Bookmarks

Golden Trio Magnet Bookmarks | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Planning to travel with a good book in the next year? Have a Potterhead in your life that constantly loses bookmarks? Then this trio of magnetic bookmarks is the perfect stocking stuffer for them.

6. Hogwarts House Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Messages Hogwarts House | Harry Potter Gift Card

Do you have someone in your life who loves Harry Potter but prefers a more subdued style of clothing and jewelry? Then they will appreciate one of these morse code bracelets.

Choose a Hogwarts house and have the name translated into dots and dashes with sterling silver or gold-filled beeds and silk thread.

7. Still Waiting for My Owl Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Still Waiting for My Owl Ceramic Yarn Bowl | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Potterheads are eternally waiting for their Hogwarts letters. That’s why we love the sentiment on this yarn bowl. Knitting is a craft of patience and if your favorite Potterhead is also a knitter this bowl will mean so much more.

8. Mischief Managed Cuff Links

Mischief Managed Cuff Links | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Cuff links add a bit of subtle elegance to any occasion and can really offer you a chance to put a personal touch on a suit. These cuff links provide a tasteful touch to your favorite Potterhead’s formal wear.

9.  Luna Lovegood Sticker Pack

Luna Lovegood Sticker Pack | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Stickers can brighten up anyone’s day. For someone who collects stickers and loves Harry Potter, they may love a sticker pack as the ultimate stocking stuffer. The pack featured here is based on Luna Lovegood. The designed are based on original watercolor drawings that

The pack featured here is based on Luna Lovegood. The designed are based on original watercolor drawings that are processed in Photoshop and printed on high-quality sticker paper.

You can also pick up a Dark Magic, Hogwarts, or Wizard Treats. If you really can’t decide you can even build your own.

10. Divination Class Soy Candle

Divination Class Soy Candle | Harry Potter Gift Guide

The adorkable Professor Trelawney worked tirelessly to teach her students the art of Divination.  Now, you can turn your space into your own personal divination classroom. The Divination Class Soy Candle has notes of dragon’s blood, bergamot, frankincense, and myrrh.

11. Knight Bus Necklace

Knight Bus Necklace | Harry Potter Gift Guide

The knight bus is an amazing phenomenon. This triple-decker bus helps out the stranded witch or wizard and does so with a bit of comedy.

If the Knight Bus is your favorite mode of transport. Take a look at this beautiful necklace made from hand-painted laser cut plywood.

12. Harry Potter Leather Book Bag

Harry Potter Leather Book Bag | Harry Potter Gift Guide

For a truly unique gift, this beautiful book-shaped purse is sure to fit the bill. Hand-crafted to look like your favorite novel, this Harry Potter bag is sure to be a delight to your favorite Potterhead, and perhaps their most cherished possession.

13. Dirigible Plum Earrings

Luna Lovegood Dirigible Plum Earrings | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Luna Lovegood’s radish earrings are perhaps one of the defining wardrobe items of the character. So if you have someone who loves Luna, wants to cosplay Luna, or just has a quirky fashion sense like Luna, they’ll love these dirigible plum earrings made from polymer clay.

Beautifully crafted and made to order, these earrings are sure to delight the Luna Lovegood fan in your life.

PRICE: $20

14. Sorting Hat Embroidery Hoop Art

Sorting Hat Embroidery Hoop Art | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Oh, The Sorting Hat! What can we say about The Sorting Hat? It is every Harry Potter fan’s dream to get sorted into a Hogwarts house. To have this hat sing it’s song before it’s placed upon your head and be sorted into the house you truly belong.

It’s a little creepy because this omniscient hat can apparently see into your head, but we’re not going there right now.

This 8″ embroidery hoop features both the magical hat and an Albus Dumbledore quote, which points out something important: the hat takes your choice into account. Something any Harry Potter fan can appreciate.

PRICE: $48

15. Potion Bottle Christmas Tree Ornaments

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to have our own potion master’s cabinet! Now your favorite Potterhead can decorate the tree with one of the many potions listed in the series. The handcrafted bottles that are made to order.

Choose your favorite potion bottle and ribbon color and give your favorite Harry Potter fan a gift they will remember for seasons to come.

PRICE: $15 per ornament.

16. “Always” Signed Print

Always Severus Snape Signed Art Print by Megan Lara | Harry Potter Gift Guide

It’s impossible to think of Severus Snape without getting a little teary–okay a lot–teary-eyed! This is one of our favorite pieces of fan art depicting the Half-Blood Prince. Meghan Lara is a talented artist who has also done Luna and Hermione artworks in a similar style.

Megan Lara is a talented artist who has also done artwork depicting Luna and Hermione along with other heroes and heroines from your favorite fandoms.  This print arrives rolled up in a shipping tube. When you unwrap it, you will find the cover is vivid and beautiful with Megan Lara’s signature on the back.

PRICE: $19.95

17.  When In Doubt Go to the Library Locket Necklace

When In Doubt Go To the Library Necklace | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Hermione Granger is a hero to bookworms everywhere because she was a fan of always doing your research first. Smart girl.

This locket perfectly depicts Hermione’s motto. A simple locket with the quote charm on a 27″ chain this will be a constant reminder of your favorite bookworm’s go-to motto.

The best thing about this gift is the personalized library card this necklace comes on. You can personalize your library card so that it holds any date you wish. Your friend’s birthday? The date you saw the first Harry Potter movie together? Christmas of this year?

PRICE: $12.99

18. Alohamora Keychain

Alohomora Keychain | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Let’s talk about a gift that is so meta that anyone with an ironic sense of humor will appreciate it. This keychain features the unlocking charm that students use on locks.

Not only is this gift Harry Potter themed, but it will also include the muggle equivalent of the unlocking charm.

PRICE: $12

19.  Harry Potter Notebooks

Harry Potter Notebooks | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Jot down all the notes you need to pass your O.W.L.s in these beautifully crafted notebooks that feature covers for Advanced Potion Making, The Standard Book of Spells, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

These notebooks come in two sizes and can be filled with blank, lined, or graph paper for a truly personalized experience.

PRICE: $11.46 for three 4×6 Notebooks.

20. Triwizard Tournament Scarf

Triwizard Tournament Scart | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Everyone has their favorite Harry Potter book. If the giftee is a fan of Goblet of Fire then they may love this Triwizard Tournament scarf. Depicting the goblet and the three school crests.

PRICE: $24

21. Butterbeer Latte Spoon

Butterbeer Latte Spoon | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Enjoy a hot beverage with this Butterbeer Latte Spoon.

PRICE: $16

22. Hand Thrown Slytherin Mug 

Hand Thrown Slytherin Mug | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Take a look at this hand thrown Slytherin mug. This is a fully functional food safe mug that started as a lump of clay. Each mug is hand thrown, pulled, and carves so you are giving a gift that is truly unique. Take a look at their shop for other Harry Potter inspired designs.

PRICE: $32

23. Hufflepuff Inspired LanternHufflepuff Inspired Lantern | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Say Lumos with a handmade lamp that features your favorite Hogwarts house. Pictured here is the Hufflepuff lantern featuring The Hogwarts Crest, Hufflepuff House Crest, Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, and part of the Sorting Hat’s poem.

These lanterns are available in clear and frosted glass and are primed for indoor use or short-term outdoor use.

PRICE: $35

24.  Hogwarts Crest Clock

Hogwarts Crest Clock | Harry Potter Gift Guide

What better way to add a bit of fandom into your living space than with a clock. This Hogwarts Crest Clock depicts all four Hogwarts houses and looks great in any decor.

PRICE: $35

25. Harry Potter Book Title Pullover

Harry Potter Book Title Pullover | Harry Potter Gift Guide

Take a look at this chic pullover. Not only isit the Gryffindor house color, but it has elements of the Harry Potter titles in an attractive font that your gift recipient will love for years to come.

It will also give a new meaning to the phrase: curling up with a good book!

PRICE: $45

26. Free A House Elf Sign

Free a House Elf Sign | Harry Potter Gifts

This is a design that I have admired for a long time. Not only is it perfect for a Harry Potter fan, but this wooden sign also serves a practical purpose. If there is one thing that any Harry Potter fan hates more than a single sock, it’s an enslaved house elf.

Now they can hang their socks on the clothespins under this sign and have the “house elves” claim the socks as they see fit.


27. “Always” Ornament

Always Ornament | Gifts for Potterheads

No Harry Potter Gift Guide would be complete without an ornament, and this one seems like the perfect fit.

Let’s be honest, 2016 started out rough when Alan Rickman passed away. Fans of Snape were saddened by the news and mourned him for days (and perhaps still are).

What better way to honor his memory than with this handpainted ornament. On one side, you have the doe, the other side reads “Always” with the Deathly Hallows symbol. You can even get the ornament personalized with the recipient’s name.

PRICE: Starting at $18

Did you find the perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

And be sure to take a look at our other Geeky Gift Guides and be on the lookout for more fandoms coming out in the next couple weeks. 

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