How to Get Away With Murder 3×10 Review: We’re Bad People

How to Get Away With Murder 3×10 Review: We’re Bad People

Everybody breathe in and breathe out because we just watched the midseason premiere of How to Get Away with Murder and I’m not quite sure how any of us made it. “We’re Bad People” brought us tears, gasps, the occasional laugh, but most importantly, it gave us some more answers.

For those of us who are still not over Wes being dead, we were luckily treated to some flashbacks – but the issue is, they were so cute and he was so happy that it LITERALLY TORE OUR HEARTS OUT. At least they gave us one definitive answer: Wes is the father of Laurel’s baby. While in the bathtub, they casually talk about how the condom broke (NBD), and then Wes makes a joke that it happened because he was just “SO BIG”. Raise your hand with me if you’re uncomfortable but also laughing. Either way, we got to see more into his life before death and know that we’ll have more flashbacks with him to look forward to this season.

Laurel is hell bent on the fact that Frank is the one who killed Wes and even tells him he should have been the one to die instead. YIKES. SAVAGE LAUREL IS OUT AND NOT F*CKING AROUND. After that uncomfortable encounter, Frank confesses to authorities that we was the one who murdered Wes. But NICE TRY, How to Get Away with Murder. I think we all know very well that Frank did not kill Wes because it would have been too obvious of a choice. If there’s a chance to shock its audience, you better believe this show will use it. It’s likely Frank just turned himself in because he didn’t want to hurt Laurel anymore or for some other heartfelt reason because I refuse to believe this man is all just bad. But at least he’s only half lying. This guy has actually killed at least two other people that we know of. And let’s not forget when he MURDERED THAT GLORIOUS BEARD (yes, I’m still not over it).

Poor Annalise is in jail and definitely not having the time of her life. While she barely speaks this episode, actions were all that were needed to portray her sad situation. From being searched, placed in a cell and ignoring the other inmates, we’re shown a little snippet of our favorite lawyer absolutely hating prison. She shows her stubborn side with hunger strikes but probably the saddest moment in this episode is where we see her finally give in and stop her strike, hinting that she’s accepting her fate that she’s probably going to be spending life behind bars :( But if Annalise is anything, she’s a fighter and always the smartest women in the room. I think it’s only a matter of time before she’s released from prison. Let’s hope the Keating gang (their official name by me now) manage to incriminate someone else for Wes’ murder instead.

Oliver dropped a huge bombshell when he told Connor that on the night of the fire, he deleted all of Annalise’s texts because she told him to – which could add up to some shady stuff for the police to see. The Keating gang also visit Laurel in hospital where she reveals that Wes is the father of her unborn child. THEN FOR SOME CRAZY REASON, CONNOR HAS THE NERVE – THE FREAKIN AUDACITY TO TELL HER “Waitlist isn’t the kind of father you want for your child.” Which results in a hospital smackdown as Asher punches him straight in the face.

The action causes Michaela to almost break up with Asher because she finds his actions barbaric (side note: no they weren’t?? I would have punched Connor too for making a comment like that.) They quickly resolve the issue when Asher promises never to do something like that again. Damn, remember the good old days when no one was fighting? Or at least a little bit earlier in the season when Michaela, Asher, and Connor were total #FriendshipGoals? Can we please go back to that?

Poor Bonnie, Nate, and Frank were running around crazy this episode trying to do everything they could to help out their pal Annalise (though if we know Annalise, she’d probably want Frank to just piss off). They even stumble upon a VERY incriminating voicemail of Annalise drunk-dialling her former sister-in-law Hannah to yell at her. Once again, Drunk Annalise has stirred the pot of drama (but it’s okay because we love her). Bonnie is strongly under the impression that someone has framed Annalise and while I agree, it’s a wonder who might’ve actually done it. Connor made no effort to hide his hate for Annalise this episode and the list of others who would want Annalise behind bars is too damn long to count – but a strong contender is definitely the Mahoney family.

In one last flashback this episode, we see Wes leaving the police station and Frank pulling up, telling him to get in the car because they need to talk. Now, I really don’t think Frank killed Wes, but WHY ON EARTH would Wes just casually get in Frank’s car when the two are on such bad terms?!?! Wes was so chill that Frank may have well said: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.”  OFF ALL THE DUMB THINGS CHARACTERS HAVE DONE ON THIS SHOW, WES TOPS THE LIST WITH THIS ONE. Though it’s being made out that Frank did kill Wes, I’m sure their car trip was harmless… But still, damn Wes, wyd?

“We’re Bad People” was a drama filled episode that brought us straight back into the HGTAWM world with its amazing characters that we missed over the break and so many crazy plots that we could barely look away.

Also, any show that subtly manages to subtly comment on the current political situation is okay in my books.

Death toll: 7

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays @ 10/9c on ABC.

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