How to Get Away With Murder 3×11 Review: Not Everything’s About Annalise

How to Get Away With Murder 3×11 Review: Not Everything’s About Annalise

In this week’s How to Get Away with Murder episode, the title proved to be true. “Not Everything’s About Annalise” gave us a whole range of storylines to follow, and a whole heap of drama.

After Frank’s confession to murdering Wes last week, we deal with the reactions of everyone he tells. The funny thing is, literally no one is buying his confession (not even the police lmao!). Like watchers at home, the HTGAWM characters don’t believe he did it either. But Frank is literally so desperate to prove that he killed Wes that he even whips out some security footage of Wes getting into his car on the night of the murder.

Like, can we just think about that for a second?

When most people are accused of murder, they’re out there trying to find alibi’s and do everything they can to convince people they didn’t do it, but now we’ve got Frank out here trying to do the literal opposite like: “No guys, I really killed him. Please believe me and send me to jail!” Okay Frank, whatever float’s your boat, I guess.

Now to our queen of the episode, MICHAELA FREAKIN’ PRATT. During a meeting with the university president, we got the privilege of witnessing Michaela rip her to shreds and criticize her for not doing enough to support Annalise (and essentially accuses her of helping to frame Annalise).  She even manages to convince Oliver to hack into the DA’s computers to find out what they have on Annalise.

This episode was definitely a highlight for Michaela’s character and showed how independent and strong she could be. I’m hoping we get to see more of this throughout the season. She’s badass, empowering, smart, and aren’t she and Laurel just #FriendshipGoals?ノ-ヮ-ノ゚

Sh*t got real after Oliver did hack into the files, and they found out they basically were connecting Annalise to every murder that has happened on this show (Sam, Rebecca, the Hapstalls) – so basically, EVERYONE CAN GO DOWN FOR THIS. Wouldn’t it be sad if the show just ended with the entire cast in jail? Technically, they all should be there for murder or helping the murderer and covering up the crime, yet they’re all so innocent and adorable, damn it! LEAVE THEM ALL ALONE TO LIVE THEIR NERDY LAW LIVES.

While this episode is titled “Not Everything’s About Annalise”, maybe it should be after this episode. Viola Davis offered up another iconic performance when she takes a prison razor blade and cuts her weave out. But again, this woman could literally just breathe on screen and I’d be like “YASSSSS ANNALISE, YOU DO YOU QUEEN”!

Prison has not been treating her well and after the prospect of Frank being arrested in her place comes up, it’s practically already a plan in action. EVEN LAUREL HELPED LIE TO THE POLICE TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE FRANK DID IT. Like, okay, I know Frank is trash, but I figured somewhere deep down she would still have feelings for him. Does everyone remember how lovey-dovey the pair were in season 1-2? Oh, how the tables have turned.

So now Frank’s in jail, Annalise is in jail, Wes is still dead, #Coliver are still not back together, and every single ray of sunshine these characters may have had in their lives has practically been sucked out. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, and we can’t stop watching as these characters go through absolute hell. But in the end, hopefully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for our law friends. Though there’s no knowing when they’ll see it.

I’m sorry if I just depressed you. Here’s a #Coliver gif set to improve the mood a little.

Death toll: 7

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays @ 10/9c on ABC.

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