How to Get Away With Murder 3×12 Review: Go Cry Somewhere Else

How to Get Away With Murder 3×12 Review: Go Cry Somewhere Else

“Go Cry Somewhere Else,” brought us straight back into the world of How to Get Away with Murder with its usual flashbacks, emotional breakdowns, and… a missing body?

Our favorite recently-beardless man Frank is still up for Wes’ murder (even though literally ALL of us are 100% sure he didn’t do it). Laurel even came to that conclusion herself after a quick visit to his jail cell for a convo. I’ve been waiting for a scene like this for a while since Laurel hadn’t really shown any other interaction with Frank this season other than disgust and anger – but we know their relationship with each other is a lot more complicated than that.

There were once very strong feelings between them and while sh*ts messed up, those feelings don’t just go away! It was great to see her show a softer side towards him this episode. But oh god, Frank, what the hell are you doing? This guy’s really about to incriminate himself on purpose for a murder he didn’t commit, yet he’s acting chiller than Snoop Dogg on weed. Seriously mate, wyd?

Since we’re on the topic of Laurel’s behavior this episode, I think we gotta hold a funeral for her mental state during Wes’ memorial. Word of advice: if the girlfriend of the deceased doesn’t know who killed her boyfriend and is carrying his child, it’s probably best you don’t hand her the mic at his funeral.

But even I have to admit, there was something totally entertaining about watching Laurel scream at the people in attendance who were crying by basically telling them they were all fake and didn’t really know him. Considering Simon Drake was in attendance, I’d definitely have to agree with her. I honestly thought this dude was going to become a better person but he’s still proving to be a massive dick so far. Like, I get you’re like the rest of us and just want to theorize over who killed Wes, but MAYBE IT’S NOT BEST TO SHOVE YOUR THEORIES DOWN EVERYONE’S THROAT DURING THE POOR DUDE’S MEMORIAL. But it’s okay, Oliver dealt with his annoying ass for all of us. Thanks, boo.

Damn, so I thought the big question on everyone’s mind this season was going to be “Who killed Wes?” but now, it’s turned into “WHERE is Wes?” That’s right, waitlist has gone missing. SOMEBODY LITERALLY STOLE HIS BODY. After Laurel ran off from the memorial service, she went to see him and with the help of Nate, they realized another body has taken his place in the freezer. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN…

Flipping to the Annalise side of things, she’s still in jail and Bonnie is doing everything she can to get her out on bail. But um, she sucks. None of her arguments were able to help her out and in the end and the judge didn’t listen. As if that’s not enough BS for Annalise to deal with, she’s also dealing with the news that her mother’s health is deteriorating while she’s behind bars and can’t do anything about it. CAN WE JUST CUT HER A BREAK FOR TWO SECONDS? Jeez writers, you really don’t like to see her happy. (I blame Shonda).

However, one thing we can definitely say about Annalise, is that even behind prison bars, she’s a badass b*tch. After Bonnie’s millionth failed attempt to get Annalise granted bail, she decides to take matters into her own hands by provoking a cellmate to beat her up. Using the photographic evidence of her abuse, the court finally offers her bail for unfair treatment. YASSS ANNALISE!! YOU EVEN SACRIFICED YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE FOR THIS.

The Keating 5 are even doing pretty well with underdog Oliver stepping in and doing an A+ job of lying to the police during an interrogation session. Afterward, he even admits to Connor that when he wiped Annalise’s phone, he made a copy. DAMN OLIVER, WHEN DID YOU GET SO SHIFTY/BRILLIANT? It’s funny when you look back at how shy, adorable, and morally aware Oliver was in Season 1 and then you look at him now. This guy is turning into a dangerous dude and I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust him soon. Lesson learned: no one keeps their innocence on this show.

Laurel went back to Wes’ apartment to cry on the floor and hug his clothes which made us all feel a little sadder for her (like, seriously, is she gonna be okay?) And the episode ended with the big twist that Wes’ body was moved with signature approval from Nate himself! Whhatttttt???? Who even knows what’s happening anymore?

It was only a few minutes earlier that Nate had been in the DA’s office making a scene about Wes’ missing body in the first place. Did somebody fake Nate’s signature? Or is it possible that he’s not as innocent as he seems? At this point, no one would be surprised. Every single character on this show has done something extremely shady at one point or another and the only way we’ll get more answers is by tuning in next week. Until then my friends!

Death toll: 7

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