Get Your First Look at James Dashner’s ‘The Fever Code’

Anyone who has read James Dashner’s Maze Runner series knows just how many feelings are packed into those pages – from wonder to excitement to fear and everything in between. Though we’ve had some time to recover from moments like the infamous Page 250 of The Death Cure (still not over it, but we’re working on it), we can already tell that The Fever Code – a prequel novel that explores how the Maze was built – is going to pack a punch.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’re getting our first look at The Fever Code, which hits shelves this September. The prologue features one of our favorite characters, Newt, and it has no shortage of feels. If this is only the prologue, we’re not sure our hearts can take this book… but of course we’re going to read it anyway.



It snowed the day they killed the boy’s parents.

An accident, they said much later, but he was there when it happened and knew it was no accident.

The snow came before they did, almost like a cold white omen, falling from the gray sky.

He could remember how confusing it was. The sweltering heat had brutalized their city for months that stretched into years, an infinite line of days filled with sweat and pain and hunger. He and his family survived. Hopeful mornings devolved into afternoons of scavenging for food, of loud fights and terrifying noises. Then evenings of numbness from the long hot days. He would sit with his family and watch the light fade from the sky and the world slowly disappear before his eyes, wondering if it would reappear with the dawn.

Sometimes the crazies came, indifferent to day or night. But his family didn’t speak of them. Not his mother, not his father; certainly not him. It felt like admitting their existence aloud might summon them, like an incantation calling forth devils. Only Lizzy, two years younger but twice as brave as he, had the guts to talk about the crazies, as if she were the only one smart enough to see superstition for nonsense.

And she was just a little kid.

Read the full excerpt here.

James Dashner is also giving one lucky fan the chance to be a character in The Fever Code, right alongside Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, and all of your favorite shanks. You can enter to win by pre-ordering the book and submitting a proof of purchase or filling out the online entry form here. The contest runs through Monday, May 1.

The Fever Code hits shelves September 27, 2016. The third and final installment in the Maze Runner film trilogy, The Death Cure, is set to be released February 17, 2017.

What did you think of The Fever Code prologue?

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