Get To Know Country Newcomer Lena Stone

If you’re up for listening to someone who makes you feel like a friend after a few moments, country newcomer Lena Stone is your girl. With a fresh take on storytelling as she’s earned her way into the spotlight by penning songs for females in country (Kalie Shorr’s “Fight Like A Girl” and Kasey Tyndale’s “Everything Is Texas”) Stone is now ready to make her own mark in the genre. Her debut single “Nervous” made waves and those who didn’t think they would, instantly fell in love with the Massachussetts native.

She’s been influenced by artists from James Taylor to Taylor Swift to Jennifer Nettles. Her taste in music is broad but don’t let that fool you. Stone, who moved to Nashville at the age of 18 knows who she is, and she’s ready to tell the world with her upcoming EP to be released later this Spring.

But it’s not just her music she strives at. The songstress has been the heart of the Song Suffragettes showcase and movement in Nashville since the very first show. Song Suffragettes is the acclaimed Listening Room regularly scheduled showcase that spotlights the newest and brightest women in country music today. With the show as her anchor, Stone has had the ability to grow a fanbase while also standing up for women in country, something she strongly believes in. It’s a showcase she’s proud of, and if you haven’t had a chance to see it, you’re surely missing out.

She’s a bright star and her adventure in the country music genre has only just begun. Once you know her, you will fall in love and have the undying need to know more. If you need a proper introduction, read our interview with the country songstress below and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP due later this spring.

FANGIRLISH: What is the greatest fan girl memory you have? Who did you fan girl over? Did you fan girl in the moment or afterward? 

LENA STONE: I’ve had a lot of fan girl moments over the years because I’m such a music fan, but probably my biggest one was when I met Brad Paisley the summer of 2012. He and my godfather are close and so my best friend and I got to meet him backstage before one of his shows, and I was so nervous that I look a little bit crazy in the one picture we took! After we met him we got to watch the show from the very front row, and I definitely had another fan girl moment there, too.  

FANGIRLISH:  What are some of your favorite artists in music right now?

LENAI love exploring new music, and right now I’m love the Harry Styles record and the new songs Kacey Musgraves just released! Also, “The Middle” by Maren Morris with Zedd and Grey is my current jam.  

FANGIRLISH: Who is the one artist you fan girl over most and why?

LENA: Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland- “Baby Girl” was the first country song I fell in love with and that’s what made me want to do country music!

FANGIRLISH: How does your onstage style differ from your style offstage?

LENA: Honestly my style onstage is pretty similar to the clothes I wear offstage, but it’s just turned up a notch! And I use a lot more sparkly eyeshadow onstage!

FANGIRLISH: What are some of your favorite pieces to where on stage?

LENA: I have these black over-the-knee boots that I love to pair with cute shorts. I also love bodysuits, and basically anything that looks good and stays in place so I can focus on performing!

FANGIRLISH: Who is your fashion icon and why? What inspires you about them?

LENA: Lauren Conrad is definitely my fashion icon, I love how her style is clean and classic but also super playful and feminine!

FANGIRLISH: Have you had any other fan girl moments apart from music? What were they?

LENA: I’m pretty sure all of my best fan girl moments have been related to music, but I did sit next to Matt Damon at a taco stand once and I think he’s an incredible actor so I definitely lost my cool a little bit!

Get to know Lena:

FANGIRLISH: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

LENA: I think my music lives in that space that’s a little bit pop and a little bit country. Some of my biggest influences are Sugarland, Sara Evans, James Taylor and Sara Bareilles, and I’m always just trying to make music that’s authentically me.

FANGIRLISH: What do you love most about performing?

LENA: The rush that I get when I’m onstage is so different from anything else I’ve ever experienced. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting and all these different emotions all at once, and to me it’s the best feeling in the world.

FANGIRLISH:  If music wasn’t an option, what would you be doing right now?

LENA: Even if I weren’t an artist, I think I would still be in music either as a songwriter or a publisher, or working at a label. I love music too much to do anything else!

FANGIRLISH:  Dogs or cats?

LENA: Dogs!

FANGIRLISH: Favorite place in Nashville?

LENA: Centennial Park!

FANGIRLISH: You’re a part of the Song Suffragettes team? What has that experience been like and what do you love most about it?

LENA: Song Suffragettes has been such a big part of my Nashville story so far; it has connected me with some of my best friends and favorite co-writers, and given me countless chances to perform on some incredible stages. The thing I love most about Suffragettes is knowing that no matter what I’m experiencing as a woman in Nashville, there are 200+ people who know exactly what I’m going through who I can lean on.

FANGIRLISH: You guys recently shot a music video for Keith Urban’s “Female”. What about that song Inspires you? Have you heard from Keith about the cover?

LENA: “Female” was pretty controversial in Nashville, but I think it is so empowering. I love that Keith was coming off one of the biggest years and songs of his career (“Blue Ain’t Your Color”) and that his next move was to shine a light on how complex and beautiful it is to be a woman. And Keith has been so supportive about our cover, including sharing it all over social media and talking about it in interviews!

FANGIRLISH: Apart from music, what inspires you most?

LENA: Creatively, I am so inspired by the books that I read. I’ve always loved storytelling, which is why songwriting is so important to me, and I’m a big fan of exploring other points of view and escaping into a good book! And on a personal level, my family is such an inspiration to me. I have incredible parents, two beautiful younger sisters, and a huge network of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles who manage this great balance of keeping me grounded while always encouraging me to be the best I can be.

To learn more about Lena Stone, you can visit her website and follow her on Twitter.


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