Getting even more excited for what’s to come in season 2 of #Reign!

A recurring theme in my reviews from season 1 of Reign was my absolute anger of the time jumps. There was jump after jump after jump, storylines I wanted explored, questions I wanted answers to. I understood things needed pushed to the side in order to get reach certain critical points in order to move the story along. But without knowing why, I was sad and angry, and just wanted to see things played out that will never be seen.

Aylee needed more screen time. I am still not over her death and that happened more than half a season ago. She was all innocent and lovely and Catherine should have found out Aylee was never hers before she died. Mary’s relationship with Bash also needed to be explored more. They went from “oh hey, we drunkingly kissed!” to almost married and I wanted to see her feelings progress for him. She was going to end up with Francis, that was always the endgame (marriage wise) for her character, but I am a glutton for my favorite pairings and wished for more. And finally, I wish there was more of early Bash and Kenna. I am so excited for the two of them in season 2, but I would have liked to see them progress from arranged marriage to jumping in the sack.

With some of my grievances aired out, I am now marginally ok with the time jumps. Showrunner Laurie McCarthy discussed the why behind the jumps with BuzzFeed and fans can anticipate a complete opposite pace in season 2 compared to season 1.

“There are so many stories to explore there that we’ll be slowing down a bit and going really deep rather than speeding forward.”

McCarthy discusses her main two goals for season 1, which was Mary and Francis on the throne (and therefore a death for Henry – rip king no-pants) and Lola becoming Francis’ baby’s mama. And now that the story is exactly where she wants it, McCarthy can spend season 2 focusing on what Francis and Mary, as king and queen, will face as ruling royals. And now that we know time will slow down and more will be explored, I am getting even more excited that I already am for season 2.

Some other things McCarthy teases is a possible death for main characters in season 2. In the new trailer (posted earlier today) you hear someone telling Francis to go back to his wife and they’ll poison Lola and the baby. If that isn’t enough to give you chills, almost everyone looks to be experiencing symptoms of the plague. And when asked about potentially killing off Bash or Kenna, from the glimpses we see in the trailer, McCarthy says she’s willing to kill off anyone if it is the best thing for the story.

My favorite three things McCarthy discusses surrounds Catherine, Francis and Bash.


“What I love about it is they couldn’t have more in common, really. And yet Mary’s taken something from Catherine. Even though Catherine is now relatively at peace with the fact Mary is wed to her son, she still took her son! She has a lot of natural mother-in-law tendencies and a big stock of poison.”

I am such a fan of Catherine and knowing she will no longer be running things will make her so much more interesting. She went from hating Mary to loving that she married Francis. The lack of power and the addition of a child that is not Mary’s will drive Catherine to acts we haven’t seen before.

“If someone were to blackmail the king, I think he would do just about anything to protect Mary and his entire line.”

McCarthy discusses a potential reveal of Francis being his father’s killer. I have to admit, I didn’t see this as a storyline. I knew Francis would have to deal with internal demons, worrying about the man he’s become and if he might eventually become the man his father was (and no one wants that). But the potential for blackmail, of someone else knowing and using this to hurt Mary or his child, is going to make for excellent television.

“Bash is going to be drawn closer and closer into Francis’ rule,” McCarthy said. “His brother is going to lean on him a lot, and the more [Bash] tries to protect and defend his brother, the more complicated his life is going to become.”

And finally, Bash. He has been one of my favorite characters from day one, and it looks like he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. With season 1 ending with the thought of Bash and Kenna riding off into the sunset and living a long and happy life, I was conflicted. On the one hand “yay long and happy life!”, but on the other you can’t have Reign without the bastard brother. And it looks like Francis couldn’t agree more. With their father dead and Francis now the ruling power of France, he needs his brother by his side. Anyone else hoping for more brotherly embraces?

Read the entirety of the article here at BuzzFeed.

What, from McCarthy’s teases, are you most looking forward to when Reign returns on October 2nd?

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