Geeky Gift Guides: Gifts For The Journal Lover In Your Life

Journalers write like they’re writing out of time (thanks for the catch phrase, Lin Manuel-Miranda.) If you’re in the market for buying a gift for a journaler, put the Bic pens down and slowly back out of the paper aisle in Target! These tips will allow the journaler in your life to put pen to paper like there’s all the time in the world. And like they have all the style in the world!

Classic Gift: Moleskine and Gel Pens

If you’re buying a journaler a gift, you should always start with the basics–a Moleskine and some gel pens–especially if you’re unaware of the journaler’s specific tastes. However, if you’ve bought journal-inspired gifts for your friend before, feel free to skip these items and move onto more funky essentials.


Moleskine | Harry Potter Special Edition

Moleskine notebooks are considered classics for many reasons. Moleskines have smooth, quality paper. They come lined, dotted, blank, or equipped with a grid on each page. They have leather covers and a handy pocket. Plus, this season, Moleskine released a Harry Potter line which will delight the Potter-head in life. Or, if you’re looking for a more classic look, you can have a Moleskine tailor-made on their website. Add initials, the full name of your journaler, or a fun catch phrase. The list of Moleskine accolades goes on and on.


Pens Plus


Seltzer | Seven Year Pen in “Note to Self”

Pens may sound like a cheap gift (remember, I said to back out of the pen aisle for a reason…) but if you find the right pen and tie it around the right notebook with a beautiful ribbon, you’re sure to make any journaler swoon. Some great pen options are the funky Seltzer Seven Year Pen, the classic Lamy Safari fountain pen, or the goofy large pen found at Big Lots or the Dollar Store. Or, if you’re looking to go for a pack of pens to up the ante, spend some dough on Le Pens. I’m a lover and a user.



Leather-bound, Composition, Bookmark included, oh my!

There are an infinite number of options if you’re looking to buy your journaler a new notebook.

Are they a bit of an indie chick? Try one of Urban Outfitter’s journals. A fan of DIY? Look at Etsy’s journal listings. Nostalgic for the 90’s? Amazon still has listings for Password Journals! Bibliophile? Ex Libris Anonymous makes new journals out of vintage books. (My sister once bought me a journal made out of the covers of The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket. I cried a little when I opened it.) Patron of a good art store? MoMa sells MUJI notebooks online; these notebooks are minimalist and eco-friendly. Fashionista? Kate Spade sells notebooks. Marc Jacobs, too. Does your journaler have a nosy roommate or a gaggle of snoopy sisters? Buy them a diary (this diary features a built-in bookmark. Thanks, Barneys!)

For the Bullet Journaler

The bullet journal obsession is real and there’s no better gift for a BuJo-er than 10 rolls of raindrop-store_etsy_succulent-washiwashi tape. Stock up on Sugar Paper’s classy gold and white tape, a 10 pack from Michael’s, or any tape from Etsy. (Or, maybe start with an Etsy search. The first results on their site included a roll of rose gold, succulent-printed tape, and a re-creation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. You can’t ask for much more.)

Next in line for a gift bag for a Bu-jo’er; grab them a 6′ ruler.
Office Supplies would also come in handy for someone who has recently started a Bullet Journal. They’ll appreciate that for sure.

Then, if you know your BuJo-er is in the market for a notebook and they have tired of the Moleskin, the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 is a popular pick.

For the accessory obsessed

My journaling game went up 100% when I bought myself some stickers to play around with. Include some calligraphy paint pens and you’ve turned their standard journal into a work of art.

For the photo journaler (or Instagram scrapbooker)

Everyone has their own approach to photo-journaling. Some people buy disposable square-prints-main01-stacked-prints_2xcameras, print their own digital shots, or use a Polaroid or Fujifilm Instant to document. If you can buy your journaler a new camera, super cool! That would seriously win the holidays.

If you’re just looking for a way to supplement your photo-journaler’s lifestyle without buying something to put them behind the lens, look no further. There’s an awesome independent shop called Artifact Uprising who will turn your loved one’s Instagrams into physical shots. Buy a set and let them write about the memories their photos unleash!

For the Adventurous, Alt-Journaler

There are a million and one “alternative” journals for the journaler in your life who likes to pickmeup-photo-onwhitecolor (or write) outside of the lines. There is the newly published “Pick Me Up,” “The 52 Lists Project,” “Start Where You Are,” the classic “Q&A a Day Journal,” or “Wreck this Journal.” I’m convinced these are published specifically to become Christmas presents. What cousin, niece, or sibling wouldn’t want to start their new year self-motivating and pushing their boundaries?

No matter what gift you choose to give the journaler in your life, it will truly be the gift that keeps on giving. A journal lasts a lifetime, even if the pages run out. Memories, pictures, stickers, tape, and the like will lie between the pages of a journal for years to come. Aren’t you glad you didn’t settle for the Bic pens? 😉

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