Gotham 3×01 Preview Guide: ‘Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…’


Gotham is back! Along with the villainy, Bruce Wayne, and… bounty hunter Jim Gordon?

In the season three premiere, Gordon is working as a bounty hunter to hunt down the Indian Hill escapees, which interestingly enough their weird powers appear to be killing them. There’s also the matter of Bruce Wayne’s emo doopleganger wandering the streets of Gotham, Barbara and Tabitha teaming up, and the introduction of Valerie Vale.

We’re getting you ready for tonight’s premiere with sneak peeks, photos and the trending topics about tonight’s episode.

GOTHAM 3×01: “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…”

Monday, September 19, 8pm, Fox


> Heroes Will Fall this season Gotham. So we shouldn’t expect it to get any lighter?

> Jim Gordon, Bounty Hunter? Well, let’s see where this goes.

> The Court of Owls is coming. The fact that we know nothing about them on the show makes it all the more creepy.



Gordon works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunter and seeks to find answers about the Indian Hill escapees, and why their powers appear to be killing them. Meanwhile, Bruce’s doppelganger roams the streets, and Barbara and Tabitha open a new nightclub called The Sirens in the all-new “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell…” season premiere episode of GOTHAM.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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