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‘Gotham’ at Wondercon: New Alliances, Big Changes for Bruce, and The Riddler

Gotham is a city with more than its fair share of villains and violence – but luckily, even before Batman’s time, there are heroes to keep it from falling forever. It seems that the good guys (including young Bruce Wayne) might just have their day when Gotham returns later this month – the teaser for the spring premiere features the tagline “Heroes Rise.” And it won’t come a moment too soon, as the episode in question is titled “How the Riddler Got His Name.” As if this town needed another bad guy.

We talked heroes, villains, Bruce Wayne’s double, and more with stars David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma), Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle), Erin Richards (Barbara Kean), Jessica Lucas (Tabitha Galavan), Drew Powell (Butch Gilzean), and Executive Producer Danny Cannon at Wondercon. Here’s the inside scoop on what’s in store for Gotham

Get ready to meet the Riddler. This may seem like an obvious one given the title of the spring premiere episode, but the reveal is going to be a big one. Edward Nygma has been around since Gotham‘s beginning, and now we’re finally going to see him go full villain. “I think it’s been quite a slow burn,” Cory Michael Smith said. “He’s changed drastically, but we spent a lot of time with him in his normal life at the GCPD – which we haven’t done with most of the villains we’ve introduced – so it felt to me like he was genuinely ready to jump out of his skin.”

Smith also set the stage for what’s to come in the episode that will mark the Riddler’s official debut. “To set it up, [Nygma]’s killed his best friend and he’s killed the mayor, and he’s killed his mentor and the only person who really could have guided him into a path of villainy. So he has two options: he can continue on and be the mayor by proxy until there’s a new mayor – and then what happens to him, I don’t know – or take credit, move forward with the life that you had intended without him, and figure it out. That’s what the episode is about: how do you do that?”

Don’t expect Bruce and Selina to make up any time soon. The falling out between the two former friends will not be a simple one to mend. “I don’t think that it’ll be easy for [Bruce] to regain [Selina’s] trust,” Camren Bicondova said. “She’s a survivor, and because of that she doesn’t let people in very easily. Once somebody screws her over, she’s done with them – at least for the time-being. Bruce definitely did her wrong in her eyes, and she’s done with him. For now.”

David Mazouz agreed that their relationship will take some work – and he thinks that for now, Bruce’s hands are tied. “There’s not much he can do. Girls be crazy,” he said with a laugh. “He was trying to protect her, and she runs off and starts kicking him! They’re gonna go through a rocky patch, and it’s not going to get better in the near future. Stay tuned.”

There are some exciting changes coming for Bruce. One of those pertaining to a new character very familiar to Batman fans, Ra’s al Ghul. Though David couldn’t say too much about what’s in store from that introduction, he did share this tease: “There is an age-old conflict between Ra’s al Ghul and Bruce about whether or not Batman should be allowed to kill. What I will say is that that may or may not, in addition to other incarnations, be explored in this season – may or may not.”

Mazouz also shared an intriguing update on whether we’ll see a Batman suit – or a precursor to one – this season. “The short answer is no. There won’t necessarily be a Batman costume, but there may be another outfit that Bruce will start to wear because he’ll start to have another role in the city of Gotham,” he said.

In terms of team-ups, the cast hopes for some (more) serious girl power. For good and for evil, we’ve seen many alliances and shifting power dynamics over Gotham‘s history. When asked whether there’s a team-up we have yet to see that the cast would be excited about, most of them hoped to see the ladies kicking more ass together. “I think there’s some fun to be had with some more if the girls coming together next season,” Jessica Lucas said. “We’ve started that Sirens storyline, so I would love to see more of that. I love when the powerful women come together and cause havoc.”

“I would really like to see a team-up of the girls: Ivy, Tabby, Selina, and Barbara. Like some sort of crazy 90s girl gang,” Erin Richards added. If that doesn’t qualify as #squadgoals, we don’t know what does.

We may see an alliance form between Selina and Tabitha. We’ve seen hints at a potential mentor/mentee role with these two characters, so we wanted to get the scoop from actors Camren Bicondova and Jessica Lucas. “For those two characters to come together, they’re both gonna have to come through some pretty big changes,” Lucas teased. “[Selina] has to find somebody to turn to, and I by the end of the season am in a very vulnerable place. That’s maybe where that alliance starts to come together.”

Bicondova was more coy with her answer, but she gave this interesting tidbit: “For the rest of the season, Selina’s really finding her way,” she said. “There’s an event that happens and it leaves Selina in this space of What the heck am I doingBy the end of the season, she’ll take a step toward not necessarily knowing what she wants, but she’ll take a step that will guide her towards knowing what she wants.”

Watch our full interviews with the cast and EP of Gotham below:

Gotham returns on Monday, April 24 at 8/7c on Fox.

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